Paul Wight On When He Decided to Quit The WWE

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Paul Wight On When He Decided to Quit The WWE

Paul Wight, fka Big Show, appeared on Talk Is Jericho. Over there, he spoke about why he quit WWE and which segment forced him to leave WWE. Paul is currently working for All Elite Wrestling. Many people were shocked to see Paul appear on AEW, as he has been an extremely loyal WWE employee.

He spent nearly 2 decades in the WWE and nobody expected him to leave.

Paul Wight on Deciding to Quit WWE After Randy Orton Segment

He stated that the RAW Legends Night was the event after which he wanted to leave WWE. “After the last RAW that I did that was just absolutely horrendous because I was going through the contract negotiations then,” Wight recalled.

“Sometimes, when you’re going through contract negotiations with them, they’ll try to, lack of a better term, make things a little bit more awkward, difficult or to prove a point. It’s part of the psychology of the game, and so they wanted Randy Orton to ‘pieface’ me into a chair, basically, push me in the face and knock me down.

Then I was supposed to sit there in a chair and take it, and I’m like, ‘Well, he’s not going to shove me on my ass.’ I mean, no disrespect to Randy, but Randy knows he couldn’t do it if I didn’t want him to.

“To do something accordingly, yeah, Randy can put his hand on my chest, and I’ll sit down because I’m not going to fight Randy because he’s trying to get in my head. You can always do that story, even though it’s the wrong story to tell.

Randy can put his hands on me, and as a giant, I should have knocked him the hell out in the hallway. That would have been good business, but then to go to the ring and sit on the ramp on the stage with [Hulk] Hogan, and [Ric] Flair and Booker [T] was out there.

A lot of Hall of Famers and legends and it’s like, they’re trying to shove me down the road because yeah, they want to use my notoriety to do community work, to do overseas media, to do all this stuff”. It appears that Paul Wight really disliked the segment with Randy Orton and that caused him to leave.

Basically, the problem with WWE is that most of their promos are scripted and wrestlers cannot talk back when they are being insulted by one wrestler as that is all part of the script.