Former writer says WWE made a big mistake with The Fiend

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Former writer says WWE made a big mistake with The Fiend

After a long absence, precisely a permanent absence even from the Pay Per View of TLC 2020, Bray Wyatt The Fiend returned to Fastlane first where he helped Alexa Bliss beat Randy Orton and then in today's episode of Monday Night Raw.

In the last episode of the red show The Viper tried to have revenge, without success, after what happened in the Pay Per View of Fastlane. He initially showed up with a petrol can to burn The Fiend again, but despite a RKO suffered, he reacted and hit the Legend Killer with a Mandible Claw and a Sister Abigail.

This episode also ended with Orton lying on the ground and this time Alexa ended the episode laughing and pointing to the Wrestlemania 37 logo. It is precisely there that should be the definitive showdown between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt The Fiend.

What went down between The Fiend and Randy Orton on WWE RAW

During the last episode of Legion of Raw, former Raw Creative Team member Vince Russo talked about the return of The Fiend with Dr. Chris Featherstone. In particular, Russo explained that he is not very convinced of the return of the wrestler in this way, here are the words of him: "I was baffled about certain things.

On tonight's show some situations immediately thundered in my head and didn't convince me. I haven't seen Fastlane in full, but I've seen Highlights and I know what happened. In the last three months The Fiend hasn't been on TV, WWE had a very important character in 'its drawer' But now I see that he came out with this particular mask, but that you definitely can't sell.

The previous version, the mask was certainly interesting and I think it has brought several revenues, I don't understand the need to make this change. Ah, then, to be honest, I don't understand at all to keep a superstar of this importance absent from the company for 3 months, I never understood why."

Randy Orton came out on WWE RAW and called out The Fiend, calling him an "abomination" Alexa Bliss came out after this and warned Randy Orton to be careful of what he wished for. The lights went out after this, and The Fiend appeared behind Randy Orton.

Orton took his can of gasoline and doused The Fiend with it as the latter just stood there. Orton went for the matches but ended up hitting The Fiend with an RKO instead. The Fiend was pretty much unaffected by this, and he took out Orton with a Sister Abigail as Alexa Bliss danced with joy.