Former writer on why WWE is booking Jeff Hardy so badly

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Former writer on why WWE is booking Jeff Hardy so badly

Beyond the controversies surrounding him in recent years, there is no doubt that Jeff Hardy was one of the most electrifying athletes in the modern era of WWE. The three-time world champion was able to put on an elegant and spectacular style, which helped him become the ninth wrestler to have completed the Grand Slam and one of only five superstars to have succeeded in both formats.

He also remembers his stay in TNA, where he collected the World Heavyweight Championship three times and the tag team title twice together with his brother Matt. Jeff faced The Miz in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, succumbing to 'The A-Lister' in less than five minutes.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's 'Legion of Raw' show, former WWE writer Vince Russo candidly admitted that he disagreed with the Stamford federation's treatment of Cameron's 43-year-old.

Former writer on why WWE is booking Jeff Hardy so badly

"I do not know what to say.

If I really have to make a judgment, once again I have to say that WWE did not behave respectfully towards Jeff Hardy. The latter falls into a very specific category, which demands certain respect, instead, they forced him to do a job that any other 20 superstars could have done.

It doesn't seem like a good choice for me. We cannot forget his name and what he achieved during his career, otherwise we risk tarnishing his status ”- said Russo. According to the latest rumors, Jeff may soon be leaving WWE to sign a contract with AEW.

“The funny thing is that this is a very old tactic and they still think people are getting into it. They truly believe that by discrediting Jeff Hardy during his final months in WWE, AEW fans will view him differently.

I don't understand how they still think such a thing today”- he added to the dose. Last month, Shane McMahon announced that the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship would feature Drew McIntyre defending the WWE Championship against five other former WWE Champions.

Adam Pearce then named McIntyre's opponents, including Jeff Hardy, despite the fact that the Charismatic Enigma has struggled to pick up wins on WWE RAW. While Hardy delivered some remarkable spots, didn't seem like a genuine threat to McIntyre's reign in the Elimination Chamber Match.

Hardy is currently 43 years old, and some fans might point to his age and his midcard status as signs that his days as a main eventer are over. Still, anything can happen in WWE. Edge (47) is set to headline WrestleMania in the latest chapter of his comeback story, so while a title run for Hardy seems unlikely, crazier things have happened.