Why WWE turned Sheamus babyface on Raw

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Why WWE turned Sheamus babyface on Raw
Why WWE turned Sheamus babyface on Raw

In the PPV aired on 21st March, Sunday, on the WWE Network which in the USA has now passed on Peacock TV, WWE presented one of the best matches of the evening, which was aired between Sheamus and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, with the two European fighters of the company who fought to the death in a match without disqualification.

After seeing a brief feud on Monday Night Raw as well, McIntyre has now begun to focus on his Wrestlemania 37 match, which the Scottish athlete will stage with current WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. Just Lashley, who defeated The Miz to become WWE Champion for the first time in his career, will have to face probably the toughest opponent on the red roster, with a Drew McIntyre thirsty for revenge, after losing his title in that of Elimination Chamber, thanks to the attack rained down from the sky by the main member of the Hurt Business.

The latest news on Sheamus

In tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, Sheamus clashed in a match against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who the Irishman lost. Throughout the contest, however, the Celtic Warrior has behaved as only a face would and therefore seems to have suddenly changed his attitude in the ring, after having attacked his best friend, Drew McIntyre, in and out of the red show rings several times.

. To give a possible explanation to this behavior, as always, the very ready Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, arrived, who in one of the latest newsletters he said in fact: "The idea is that, even if he does eventually fight Drew McIntyre again, it would be weird because he's already lost twice to Drew McIntyre and two more times to Bobby Lashley, but their mentality is that if you turn him babyface, then defeats don't count." In practice, as explained by the well-known overseas journalist, WWE's reasoning would be to "reset" somehow the defeats of a wrestler, making him pass for a babyface and therefore a darling of the public.

By changing attitude in the ring, the athlete therefore also changes the perception that the fan has of him and could therefore increase or lose esteem and status, based on what WWE decides to make the character do him. WWE needs to stack challengers for the WWE Title after WrestleMania.

It appears that they are still going to keep Sheamus as strong as they can, and turning him babyface is a great way to wipe away some of the sting from those recent losses.

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