Andrade not subject to a non-compete clause after his WWE release

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Andrade not subject to a non-compete clause after his WWE release

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about Andrade's situation in WWE, with Charlotte Flair's boyfriend who, after an unhappy period in the backstage of the company, preferred to leave the company, asking for and obtaining the release to the McMahon-owned federation, which initially however, he did not want to let Mexican talent escape.

After several months of absolute silence towards the former US Champion of Monday Night Raw, several rumors had begun to turn online about the difficult situation of the athlete within the WWE circles, with the life partner of the daughter of Nature.

Boy, who could no longer stay in the pits, without a specific destination within the cards and organization chart of the Stamford federation.

A look at Andrade's WWE release request

Not even a week after his release, Andrade wanted to inform fans with a clue left on his official Twitter account, that although it is not a verified account, it still belongs to the former WWE.

With a fairly eloquent photo, Andrade has in fact feared the return of his mask from La Sombra, a former character that the athlete had before landing in WWE, with Charlotte Flair's boyfriend who in fact posted the following photo on his personal account : If all this were not enough, to confirm the possible return of the character of La Sombra, there is also the well-known site PWInsider, which in one of its latest online updates has in fact reported how both Andrade and Charlotte Flair have bought rights on some names / trademark, such as: La Sombra, Andrade and El Idolo.

The daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer also bought her rights, chaining the names: Ashley Flair and The Queen of Wrestling, perhaps in a future perspective away from WWE. If for Andrade his future away from the WWE is now a certainty, for Charlotte Flair this eventuality would still be very far away, even if the latest events that occurred in the Stamford house, suggest some unclear situation on the Nature Boy's daughter, who may have resented for the exclusion from the Wrestlemania poster and from the match valid for the title of Raw, in the end went to the colleague Rhea Ripley.

Reports surfaced last week that Andrade asked for his release from WWE backstage during the March 8 edition of RAW. According to Fightful, people behind the scenes in WWE suggested that Andrade's course of action was unsurprising.

The report also stated that Andrade's push came to an end after Paul Heyman was removed as Executive Director of WWE RAW.