Batista confirms WWE Hall of Fame absence


Batista confirms WWE Hall of Fame absence

One of the most important and high-sounding names on which WWE counted in this year's Hall of Fame edition, was surely that of Dave Batista, its former world champion, now universally known as "Drax the destroyer", on the television screens of the world cinema, in the saga of the Guardians of the Galaxy, by Marvel.

In the 2020 ceremony, later canceled due to the restrictions that came with the world pandemic, WWE intended to include The Animal as one of the high-profile names in last year's class of its Ark of Glory, with Batista going to add to the other big names already officialized, such as those of the NWO, the Bella Twins, JBL and many other legends of the WWE past.

Batista confirms WWE Hall of Fame absence

With a brief statement reported by Batista himself on his official Twitter account during the night, the WWE world champion wanted to confirm that the rumors of the past few weeks were true and that due to commitments made well before the definition of the Hall of Fame, he will not be able to be present at the evening and therefore also be inducted into the WWE Ark of Glory.

On his personal account, Batista has indeed communicated to fans of him: "To the whole WWE Universe. Unfortunately due to some commitments I will be unable to take part in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. At my request, WWE has agreed to introduce me to a future ceremony where I will be able to properly thank the fans and people who have made my career possible." With this message and these thanks to the WWE Universe and all the insiders who made Batista's long journey in the WWE rings possible, the former world champion wanted to silence all the rumors and indiscretions released in recent days, confirming his definitive absence from this year's HOF.

Fortunately, combining two classes together will lead WWE to miss its former world champion less at this year's ceremony. For the first time ever, the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will see the induction of two classes. The 2020 WWE Hall of Fame class features The Bella Twins, The New World Order, Jushin Thunder Liger, The British Bulldog, and John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

The 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class of inductees so far are Eric Bischoff, Molly Holly, and Rob Van Dam. RVD's induction hasn't been confirmed by WWE yet, but he is reportedly the latest inductee in this year's ceremony. Rob Van Dam has revealed that he wants either Paul Heyman or WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to induct him.

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