Update on Vince McMahon ending deal with WWE's top sponsor

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Update on Vince McMahon ending deal with WWE's top sponsor

The world of wrestling in the last twenty years has undergone a notable change and many fans have experienced this particular transformation, which took place especially in the world of WWE. Vince McMahon has changed some things about the way of dealing with this business and still today we discuss the reasons for this change.

In the recent edition of Legion of Raw, former WWE writer Vince Russo discussed with Dr. Chris Featherstone and talked about the change in Vince McMahon's approach to the situation in 2021 compared to the 1990s, a change that also affects WWE trade agreements.

Russo has made it clear that the Stamford company works to bring more interest to children and a segment this week on Monday Night Raw was precisely to target children. Vince Russo has highlighted the differences in Vince McMahon’s approach to WWE business deals in 2021 compared to the late 1990s.

Vince McMahon knew WWE would receive more advertisers

In recent years, WWE has noticed that the average age of a WWE viewer is now 54, a difficult situation for the company now working to catalyze the interest of the little ones.

Russo also revealed a curiosity about the fact that Vince McMahon canceled in the past a partnership agreement with a candy brand, the Skittles. Here are his words about it: "I remember we were in full swing with the Attitude era and the number one sponsor had to be the Skittles (famous candy brand).

Vince McMahon immediately called the ad guys and said 'Get rid of this ad now, we can't show it on this show. He left the money on the table and told all advertisers not to worry, they would find better deals."

A curiosity is that, now, in 2021, the Skittles is part of the WWE sponsors. Russo explained that segments like that of Matt Riddle's scooter, the trombone used by Xavier Woods or the new sounds of Braun Strowman, all of these things were made for a younger audience.

Although Skittles was WWE’s top sponsor at the time, Vince Russo said Vince McMahon had faith that the company would receive better offers. “And, bro, he [Vince McMahon] left money on the table but Vince was, ‘Bro, with the direction we’re going, we’ll get 10 other advertisers.

We’ve got nothing to worry about.’ But now [in 2021] it doesn’t matter?” Russo also referenced Matt Riddle’s scooter, Xavier Woods’ trombone, and Braun Strowman’s new “Strowman Express” sound. He questioned why WWE produces these type of segments when the average viewer's age is so high.