Damian Priest reveals The Undertaker almost broke his nose

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Damian Priest reveals The Undertaker almost broke his nose

The Undertaker ended his extraordinary career last year by receiving a magnificent tribute to the 2020 Survivor Series, where his legendary epic began 30 years earlier. Barring sensational and unlikely twists, his last fight will therefore remain the controversial 'Boneyard Match' against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

The Undertaker has left a huge footprint on the sports entertainment business, which goes far beyond the simple titles won and countless victories. During the latest edition of Metal Injection's 'Squared Circle Pit' podcast, current Raw superstar Damian Priest recalled a training session with Taker at the WWE Performance Center.

Priest, who also fought in Ring of Honor as Punishment Martinez, recently made his main roster debut after a long stint at NXT (where he held the NXT American Championship for over two months).

Damien Priest on his WWE tryout

“One day we managed to get in the ring a little bit with The Undertaker at the Performance Center, he was wearing gloves and everything.

We were afraid he would hit us hard. He was showing something to a guy I don't remember now, and to do it he punched at full speed towards my nose. As soon as he touched my face he pulled back, just before he broke my nose, and I thought it was something exceptional.

I asked him to do it again, I had never seen anything like it ”- said Damian Priest. 'The Archer of Infamy' also talked about his first audition to enter WWE: "I showed up there in 2014 and he liked it a lot.

However, they told me that there was no room for me at that time. I worked hard and got back to the federation about a year later, but once again it went wrong. I thought I would never join WWE. I’m okay with that and I’m not gonna stop working as hard as I am.

I’ll continue working hard and keep improving and just having fun, enjoying what I love doing and then a year later they called me which is crazy. They’re like, ‘Hey, would you be interested?’ And I’m like, ‘Of course I’m interested.’ You know, my contract had come up.

I was working for Ring of Honor at the time, my contract was up and they called me at literally a perfect time and they were like, ‘Hey, are you under contract?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, until the end of the month.’ They’re like, ‘This month?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, would you mind if we give you a call then?’ And I was like, ‘No, okay' and that’s what they did.

They called me the same day. They called me and we made it work, crazy." And as they say, the rest is history. Damien Priest is a very talented wrestler with a bright future ahead of him in WWE.