Details behind The Fiend's new look revealed

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Details behind The Fiend's new look revealed

In Fastlane, the last PPV aired by WWE on ThunderDome, there was a resounding return to the scene of The Fiend, alter ego of former WWE Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt. After months of silence and absence, the demon of the red show has in fact reappeared to take revenge on that Randy Orton who in their last fight at TLC, had literally set him on fire, in the first Firefly Inferno match in the history of the McMahon company, that had left WWE Universe fans stunned.

Thanks to a séance by Alexa Bliss, The Fiend has in fact reappeared from those deep and dark abysses that had kept the evil masked athlete trapped until now, who has thus made his long-awaited return, which fans have been looking for for weeks now, ahead of the Wrestlemania 37 match, right against The Viper.

Alexa Bliss summoned The Fiend on WWE RAW

As you will surely have seen during the Fastlane live broadcast, The Fiend is back with a decidedly different look than what we were used to seeing until 2020, that is, both his mask and his clothes have found evident changes after the burns received.

from the flames caused by Orton, with Bray Wyatt appearing with an even more impressive and disturbing look. The mask that seems to have liquefied after the fire started by Orton, would have been created by Callosum Studios, a company specializing in the creation of special effects and equipment for the cinema, which had already taken part in the creation of the first Fiend mask.

With a tweet that arrived just a few hours ago, one of the main specialists who took part in the construction of this new estate, Jason Baker, wanted to reveal all the colleagues who took part in this project, which was monitored and directed by the special effects master, Tom Savini.

Using her mysterious Pandora's Box, Bliss summoned The Fiend to appear during the segment. As The Fiend stood in the ring, Orton produced a gas can from a concealed bag to set Bray Wyatt's alter-ego on fire once again.

The Viper even delivered an RKO to The Fiend, but Bliss distracted him from the task at hand. As a result, The Fiend eventually stood up and unleashed his wrath on Orton. He used a Mandible Claw and a Sister Abigail maneuver to put down his longtime rival.

WWE RAW's demonic duo celebrated Randy Orton's downfall at the end of the episode. Alexa Bliss also pointed towards the WrestleMania logo, as WWE soon confirmed that The Fiend will wrestle The Viper at The Show of Shows.