Paul Heyman's WWE contract could expire soon

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Paul Heyman's WWE contract could expire soon
Paul Heyman's WWE contract could expire soon

One of the most important characters and who have contributed most in the last year to create prominent characters in and out of the WWE backstage is undoubtedly the on-screen manager/advisor to the Universal Smackdown champion, Paul Heyman.

The Mad Genius, which we see practically alongside Roman Reigns since his return to the scene, which took place at Summerslam last year, was in fact fundamental for the creation of the new character of the absolute champion of the McMahon blue show, with Reigns having acquired a remarkable status, both for his great acting skills and for the proximity of Heyman and then of his younger cousin, Jey Uso.

After being removed from the role of Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, Heyman has thus found a very important new role both on-screen and in the backstage of WWE, taking over the entire storyline of the Universal champion, of which he takes most of the creative decision, right together with Reigns himself.

Backstage News on Paul Heyman

To raise a fuss with statements that have not yet been officially confirmed, as always, was the very ready Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, who in the last few hours reported the rumor that he wants Paul Heyman's contract to be about to expire or even have already expired for a few weeks.

In fact, in one of the latest updates reported by the Observer, Meltzer stated: "I don't know if he has currently signed a new agreement or anything else. It should have come to an end by now. Maybe not now, but in the next month or two.

I think it was in May if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong. However, I can't imagine that he doesn't want to sign. He currently has Roman Reigns at the peak of his career, so I assume it's just a formality." Apparently, although it is not known for sure what the term of the Mad Genius contract is, Meltzer seems certain: Paul Heyman will renew with WWE.

After finishing his backstage executive commitments, Heyman would remain the only on-screen role alongside Roman Reigns, despite having a strong backstage influence on Smackdown's most important storyline, whose main match will likely close the game on the second night dedicated to Wrestlemania.

Paul Heyman is also probably one of the best speakers in the WWE today. Whenever he is on the mic, the upcoming event seems that much more important, whether his advocate BROCK LESNAR is feuding with Dean Ambrose or The Undertaker or Seth Rollins; Heyman’s promos are usually the best part of the feud.

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