Peacock edits controversial Vince McMahon's segment from...

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Peacock edits controversial Vince McMahon's segment from...
Peacock edits controversial Vince McMahon's segment from... (Provided by Wrestling World)

As we all know, the WWE Network has moved home in the United States, ending up directly in the programming of Peacock, where all the Pay-Per-View will be loaded, including WrestleMania, the most important show of the year by Vince McMahon's company, and all the programs most loved by the fans of that federation.

The change would not end there, however, with PWInsider reporting in the last few hours that fans have noticed some changes made to older WWE shows on the platform. Among these changes we find those made to the rivalry between Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown, eliminating a promo in which the former painted himself half black during WrestleMania VI.

Other changes can be found in that of the Survivor Series 2005, McMahon's historic PPV, in which there was a segment where Vince used the "n" -word against Booker T, wrestler and legend of the pro-wrestling world, in a colloquial way.

WWE at the time thought of reporting a comedy segment in this way but was wrong. Not surprisingly, in fact, many criticisms of the Stamford federation came out a few hours after the broadcast.

Peacock edits controversial Vince McMahon's segment from...

Vince McMahon used the N-Word with John Cena during a Survivor Series 2005 segment.

He called Cena, “My n*****” before walking off and passing Booker T. Then the 6-Time World Champion said: “Tell me he didn’t just say that”. Of course, times have changed and some ways of making comedy have changed as well, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to know that the streaming platform has other changes in mind, to make shows fully compliant with community norms while staying in line with standards.

of the web. Furthermore, it is important to remember that all the shows with the various changes made have already been uploaded to the WWE Network. We remind you that WWE has landed on the streaming site only for users from the United States, while for international fans all products will continue to be available through the WWE Network itself.

The agreement states that WWE will shut down its streaming service, the WWE Network, in the United States and Peacock will license the programming for its own platform. Additionally, subscribers to WWE Network, which is somewhere around 1.5 million, will be migrated to Peacock.

The contract also suggests that WWE will produce one "original" documentary on an annual basis starting in 2022. The deal is a major move on WWE's part and changes a lot for the company's viewers in the United States.

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