What might Charlotte Flair do on SmackDown?

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What might Charlotte Flair do on SmackDown?

One of the most surprising news in recent weeks in WWE has been the absence of WWE champion Charlotte Flair and her absence from the TV screens. Beyond that, there was her noticeable removal from Wrestlemania 37 billboards, but in recent days it has been reported that Flair tested positive for Covid.

Her last appearance of hers on Raw had seen her challenge Asuka for the title with the Japanese absent due to injury who had not yet given her an answer. Weeks have passed and in the end, the match valid for the title at Wrestlemania 37 on the women's roster will be between Asuka and Rhea Ripley.

Many wondered if this choice of the WWE had depended on the farewell of Andrade (Charlotte Flair's boyfriend), but in reality, it was Covid that decided everything. Charlotte Flair's status on Raw is now in strong doubt with the now-ready-to-return wrestler not starring in the red show.

PWInsider colleagues reported that Charlotte Flair could appear this week at Friday Night SmackDown and take part in a new storyline that sees her protagonist at Wrestlemania 37. It all stems from a tweet from Andrade, now a former WWE wrestler but Charlotte's boyfriend: these On Monday he posted the message: "Another 4 days and you will be back in the Wrestlemania 37 poster."

Charlotte Flair could ignite WrestleMania 37 angle on WWE SmackDown

This indication of the wrestler has not gone unnoticed and many are wondering what the former female champion could do on the blue show. The title match between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair has been announced for weeks now, but another superstar not currently involved in the Show of the Immortals is Bayley.

Two former champions of great caliber that CSS points out could compete in a high-level match at Wrestlemania 37. In the coming days and in particular, in the next episode of SmackDown, there could be important changes. What is certain is that Charlotte Flair is one of the most important wrestlers in WWE and it seems really difficult that WWE does not put her in a match for the event of the year.

Charlotte Flair's appearance on Friday Night SmackDown could be a last-minute plan. The question is, what could the RAW Superstar possibly have in mind when she does? One major SmackDown Superstar who doesn't have a proper feud going into WrestleMania 37 is Bayley.

The former SmackDown Women's Champion was the backbone of the blue brand's women's division in 2020 alongside Sasha Banks. Could we see a Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley match at WrestleMania 37?