WWE’s YouTube Channel Hits 75 Million Subscribers

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WWE’s YouTube Channel Hits 75 Million Subscribers

WWE is the most popular wrestling promotion in the world and they hit 75 million subscribers recently. WWE releases a lot of content on its YouTube channel. It is their ability to release interesting content that has given them a strong presence on almost all social media platforms.

WWE is even going to move to a live streaming service, Peacock, soon which is going to make them even more popular on the internet. Their current YouTube channel has a lot of great classic matches that can be watched completely for free.

WWE's YouTube Channel is now ranked #4 on YouTube

By hitting 75 million subscribers, WWE is now the #1 Sports channel on YouTube. It is currently ranked #4 overall on YouTube. YouTube has surpassed NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, ESPN and NASCAR, combined.

The channel currently has 56,471,338,732 video views. The following is a statement released by WWE: “WWE YouTube reaches 75 million subscriber milestone WWE’s official YouTube channel surpassed 75 million subscribers, further solidifying itself as one of the world’s most-followed channels.

With more than 75 million total subscribers and 56 billion lifetime views, WWE ranks as the No. 1 Sports channel on YouTube and the No. 4 channel overall. The new subscriber mark is more than the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, ESPN and NASCAR combined.

Based on estimates, it would take nearly 75 years to count all 75 million subscribers, so we better get started now. The channel combines premiere in-ring action highlights from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live and monthly pay-per-views, incredible access with exclusive interviews, the latest news from WWE Now and live event coverage with WWE Kickoff Shows, Watch Alongs and WWE’s new Wednesday morning show, WWE’s The Bump.

Thank you to the WWE Universe and 75 million strong for helping cross another milestone!” Many people now consider WWE a content company, as they have many products that are not related to wrestling at all. In fact, most of the shows that WWE hosts on the WWE Network and some on YouTube just have popular WWE stars in them but they don’t always speak about wrestling.

WWE is also involved in film production and used to run a few reality TV shows. Their most famous shows include Total Divas which hasn’t aired for a very long time.