Kurt Angle on Vince McMahon Being Upset After Chyna Match

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Kurt Angle on Vince McMahon Being Upset After Chyna Match
Kurt Angle on Vince McMahon Being Upset After Chyna Match (Provided by Wrestling World)

Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer and he recently spoke about Vince McMahon getting upset at him after his match with Chyna. Kurt Angle has fought some of WWE’s best superstars and not many wrestlers wanted to face the former Intercontinental Champion, Chyna.

Chyna could easily work with most men as she had the strength to compete with most men in WWE. However, Kurt Angle was one of the only wrestlers that didn’t mind working with Chyna.

Kurt Angle Shares Story About Vince McMahon Getting Upset with Him After Chyna Match

On his podcast, Kurt Angle revealed why Vince McMahon was upset with him after his match.

Apparently, Vince did not like the fact that Kurt punched Chyna in the face. “I was okay working with Chyna, she was actually really good in the ring,” Angle said. “She knew the basics, she was very basic but very effective.

I enjoyed working with her and didn’t have a problem with her. The issue I had when I was wrestling her, Vince didn’t want anybody to punch her. “We were wrestling, kind of messed up on a spot, and to fill the messed up spot I started punching her in the face, I punched her about four times to cover up the spot and then we continued on.

When I got backstage, Vince was like ‘What the hell are you doing punching a woman? Don’t ever do that again, she’s a woman, you have to protect her!’. You can Angle Slam her, you can suplex her, but you can’t punch her in the face”.

Angle then spoke about injuring Molly Holly during his rookie year. He failed to land a good moonsault and ended up breaking Holly’s arm. “I felt really badly,” Kurt Angle said. “The problem was I didn’t practice the moonsault, I might have hit it one other time before that and I never practiced how far out I’d go.

When I placed Bob out in the middle of the ring, I went up really high and didn’t go out far and fell short and my shins hit his arm and he had a compound fracture. I was flipping out, he said let’s finish the match, I’m like I don’t remember what’s next so he’s calling the match for me and while we’re doing it I’m grabbing his arm to shoot him off the ropes and it’s his broken arm”.

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