Daniel Bryan addresses his future

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Daniel Bryan addresses his future

As we well know from his recent statements, Daniel Bryan has not yet renewed his contract with WWE and his experience with wrestling could end in the short term. The American Dragon has returned to this issue in recent days as well, declaring that it has not yet made a decision about it, despite its important moment in that of SmackDown, which could also be worth the WrestleMania Main Event against Edge and Roman Reigns.

In the past, the former WWE and heavyweight champion has added that he wants to see 2021 as his last year as an athlete.

Is Daniel Bryan going to headline WrestleMania 37?

Speaking to talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, "The Goat" spoke again about the relationship between his career and life as a father, also spending a few words about his future that many fans would like to know.

Here is an excerpt: "My contract expires shortly and this helps me to understand what is most important to me. I have to understand if it is more important to leave the house to continue doing the thing I love most in the world, while staying away from my family, from my wife and my children three times a week, even though they are in a phase that will never return.

When they go to school, time will not go as well as it is now. The baby is now only seven months old, while my daughter is almost four and is growing very fast." So the future of Daniel Bryan still remains uncertain, but what can be deduced from the words of the wrestler himself is a certain desire to want to enjoy every little part of his life to the fullest and to want to honor any commitment he has, both in the family and at the level.

work, which has managed to give him so much satisfaction over the years. Daniel Bryan’s Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns at Sunday’s WWE Fastlane event ended in controversy. Reigns tapped out to Bryan’s Yes!

Lock but the incident was not seen by the referee or special enforcer Edge. Moments later, Reigns pinned Bryan to retain his Universal Championship. Unlike Reigns, Bryan is currently without an opponent for WrestleMania 37. The controversial WWE Fastlane finish has led to speculation that he could be added to the Universal Championship match between Reigns and Edge.

Bryan previously headlined WrestleMania 30 in 2014. He began the night by defeating Triple H to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. In the main event, he defeated Batista and Randy Orton to win the title and finally overcome The Authority.