Spoiler on upcoming WWE signing

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Spoiler on upcoming WWE signing

In recent months, the WWE seems to have started operating as usual, after the problems caused by the global pandemic, which had led the McMahons to have to do without many of their athletes and professionals. In fact, during April last year, in the midst of the global pandemic, WWE had to start a really heavy cutting process, going to thin out many of its branches, from in-ring athletes to road agents, even passing through employees.

In recent months, however, the trend seems to have changed, with WWE returning to having the largest and strongest breeding ground of young promises of all the other world companies, even going to hire more than 15 athletes in the latest wave of arrivals.

for NXT, which already features great athletes such as John Morrison's girlfriend Taya Valkyrie, Brock Lesnar's "double", Parker Boudreaux or Rick Steiner's son, Bronson Rechsteiner. Apparently, in recent days the WWE may have hired a new great athlete from the independent world of pro-wrestling, with the twenty-four-year-old Bobbi Tyler, who would have in fact been hired by the WWE talent scouts, under the advice of some senior McMahon executive.

Spoiler on upcoming WWE signing

The English girl, who is an emerging star of the independent world, where she has already shown what she is capable of, would have already changed her pseudonym on Twitter, becoming "@StevieTurnerWWE", a sign that the McMahon federation has also changed her name.

art after hiring, which happens with practically all new athletes who arrive, except the most important and famous. We recall that the girl, until before the outbreak of the world pandemic, was a regular face in the rings of Revolution Pro Wrestling and had also taken part in the Tokyo Cyber ​​Squad stable in the Stardom rings, where the girl had also worked with the late Hana Kimura, who committed suicide last year.

Bobbi Tyler, or Turner, is one of England’s young and promising female talents. She is only 24 years old and has impressed everyone in many ways. She was wrestling as a regular at Revolution Pro Wrestling’s events prior to the pandemic.

She was also a part of World Wonder Ring Stardom through 2019 as a member of the Tokyo Cyber Squad. We’ll have to see if and when WWE makes this signing official, but it seems that the company has secured a top prospect.

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