Daniel Bryan pays tribute to Brock Lesnar

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Daniel Bryan pays tribute to Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is currently a Free Agent wrestler. We are talking about one of the wrestlers who made the history of wrestling and WWE but at the moment no one knows when he will be able to return (and if he wants to) in company.

His battles with some of the WWE superstars are historic and during an interview with TalkSport the WWE Yes Man Daniel Bryan spoke precisely in the challenge at the Survivor Series of 2018 against Tue Beast Incarnate; on that occasion, there was an Interbrand match where the champions of SmackDown and Raw respectively competed.

Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar beat the tar out of each other on that night

Daniel Bryan revisited that meeting by showing himself quite proud and thus released the following statements: "That match is something I'm very proud of and we're talking about a great test for me.

I don't think there was anyone else in WWE history who was more excited about being subjected to a German Suplex from Brock Lesnar. On that occasion, I thought 'Ok, let's see what I have here. I'm fine? I underwent a German Suplex, but yes I'm fine."

Going on to talk about Lesnar, Daniel Bryan said: "I don't think anyone really appreciates how great Brock Lesnar is and sees what he brings to the wrestling world. You can see that he loves him, when he fights his eyes light up and this shows him to everyone."

That match is still etched in the minds of the fans, it lasted over 20 minutes and after a great start from Lesnar, Bryan reacted and a great match came out, but in the end, it was The Beast Incarnate who prevailed thanks to a decisive F5 that gave him victory.

A few days ago Daniel Bryan was the protagonist of the Fastlane Main Event, a Pay per View where he was defeated by the match against Roman Reigns, but at the same time Edge's intervention was decisive. The latest rumors now reveal that at Wrestlemania 37 Daniel Bryan could be the protagonist of a Triple Threat Match for the title against Edge and champion Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan had beaten AJ Styles for the WWE title mere days before the 2018 Survivor Series event. Bryan turned heel in the process, entering the Survivor Series bout as a different, more villainous character. The WWE Universe was pretty excited to see a battle between Brock Lesnar and this new persona of Bryan.

Brock Lesnar dominated Bryan during the early moments of the match. It all changed when the official got in Lesnar's way. The ref was on the receiving end of an accidental hit by The Beast. Bryan seized the opportunity to hit Lesnar with a low blow.