WWE star posts first tweet since 2018, Kevin Owens reacts

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WWE star posts first tweet since 2018, Kevin Owens reacts
WWE star posts first tweet since 2018, Kevin Owens reacts

One of the most hilarious and most intelligent characters currently treading the WWE rings, is undoubtedly Kevin Owens, former Universal champion of the Stamford company, who with his humor and satire always manages to uncork a smile both to his fans and to his detractors.

Over the years, in fact, the Canadian of the WWE has made it clear that he is an absolute champion even with his personal social networks, where daily Owens releases some "goodies" that literally make both WWE Universe fans and employees laugh with laughter.

work, that colleagues of the same athlete. In the last few hours, Owens wanted to brush up once again on this beautiful ability, going to comment on a post by an insider who hadn't written anything on the famous social network for 2 years now, Ranjin Singh.

WWE star posts first tweet since 2018, Kevin Owens reacts

Yesterday, we reported how both The Great Khali and the Big Red Monster, Kane, will be introduced in the class of this year's WWE Hall of Fame, or 2021, after the postponement of the 2020 class, which will be included in the same evening as this year's class, next April 6th.

After revealing this important WWE decision to his historical "protégé", Ranijn Singh, who in the past also held very important positions in the WWE backstage, especially in the creative team of the company, wanted to extend his congratulations also on the famous social network, Twitter, breaking a silence that had in fact been going on since 2018.

After reading Singh's message, Kevin Owens could not remain silent and in fact commented: "RANJIN SINGH IS BACK, HELL YES !!! PUT HIM IN THE HALL OF FAME TOO AND LET ME INDUCT HIM !!!!" With this message mixed between mockery and surprise, Kevin Owens commented on the social-media return of the former manager of Indian origins who was seen on the ring of the WWE both alongside The Great Khali, and in a very short time also alongside Jinder Mahal, former WWE Champion.

Speaking as Ranjin Singh, Dave Kapoor told his friend and former WWE co-worker that he is set to become a Hall of Famer. Eric Bischoff and Kane immediately became emotional after recently hearing the news of their inductions.

By contrast, Khali simply held his arms above his head before saying, “Yeah!!!” The 2020 and 2021 WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies will both take place on Tuesday, April 6. It is currently unclear who will induct The Great Khali or any of the other Hall of Famers at this year’s event.

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