WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man looks unrecognizable

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WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man looks unrecognizable

Many times, WWE wrestlers change their looks and become almost unrecognizable, after spending years with the same haircut or clothes, worn both on-screen and backstage at WWE. Obviously, when the McMahon wrestlers drastically change their look, they must ask permission in advance from the federation's management, in order not to breach the contracts and above all the image that these wrestlers have at a popular level.

Many times, over the years, many wrestlers have been punished or recalled because they had changed something very important without asking Vince McMahon and associates anything, thus compromising the image that WWE had taken months or years to build on-screen.

One of the most striking cases was that of Rusev, who a few years ago thought it best to cut his hair, shaving it, after wearing it long for several months, leaving the fans and insiders of the company quite astonished. Obviously, this does not apply to the Hall of Famers of the company or in any case to the people who have not worked for the McMahons for years, unless they have signed a contract as a Legend and are therefore not subject to rules that the company demands that they be followed.

WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man recently resurfaced with a brand new look. The veteran also had an interesting message for his fans when he revealed the latest transformation on social media.

WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man looks unrecognizable

One of the introduced in the 2019 WWE Ark of Glory, the historic Honky Tonk Man, McMahon Intercontinental champion who still holds the longest-serving reign record of the secondary belt currently active in the Friday Night Smackdown rings, who usually dresses as Elvis in all his engagements in the ring, recently appeared in a photo posted online, with a decidedly different look than usual.

If the fans were used to see him without a beard and with flowing black hair, after seeing the last photo of the former wrestler now 68 years old, they had to roll their eyes a bit, because instead of the black hair and rock & roll dress, instead, long and white hair and beard arrived, which made the former WWE secondary champion almost unrecognizable.

As you can see in the following photo, this is what WWE's Hall of Famer looks like today, with no dyes and no makeup. In addition to The Honky Tonk Man, former WWE Superstar Vladimir Kozlov also looked unrecognizable in a photo that was released a few months ago.

In January 2021, BT Sport WWE's official Instagram handle shared a recent picture of Vladimir Kozlov. In the photo, Kozlov can be seen promoting his own brand of vodka, called "Moscow Mauler"