*Spoiler* WWE confirms two new WrestleMania matches

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*Spoiler* WWE confirms two new WrestleMania matches

By now the Road to WrestleMania has entered its heart, with several WWE storylines that have reached their climax and have therefore already established a direction that leads two or more wrestlers to compete in a decided face to face that arrives right in the most important event.

expected of the year, the Showcase of the Immortals. If several great matches had already become official weeks ago, such as the challenge between Edge and Roman Reigns for the Universal title, who then bought a new contender, that Daniel Bryan who in Fastlane had managed to make Reigns sell without receiving his victory, many other issues have instead been added over time and many more will have to be added in the coming weeks.

WWE WrestleMania is only a few weeks away

During the Friday Night Smackdown live broadcast on FOX American TV screens tonight, WWE took the ball to announce three other very important contests for WrestleMania, going to pull the strings for three of the storylines that have had some twists in the last episodes and will thus have their space in the two evenings dedicated to Wrestlemania.

On the one hand, Seth Rollins managed to defeat Shinsuke Nakamura and after beating him he continued to attack him, making the Swiss Cesaro intervene, who thus went to save the Japanese, who with Cesaro once held the couple titles of the show.

After this umpteenth interruption, Seth Rollins challenged Cesaro to a match at Wrestlemania, declaring that he would no longer suffer a Swing or that he would never again be ridiculed by Cesaro. No sooner said than done. After saying these words, Seth Rollins suffered a Swing in the backstage area from Cesaro, thus confirming the challenge started by the former Shield Architect for the show of the shows.

During the evening, the WWE also confirmed two other matches for Wrestlemania, namely the one valid for the Intercontinental title, between the champion Big E and his challenger Apollo Crews and the one between the eternal friends/enemies, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who will compete at Wrestlemania 37, after Zayn decided to attack Owens in the last episode of Smackdown last week when he hit with his finisher a Kevin Owens intent on commenting on the Canadian match at ringside.

Seth Rollins officially challenged Cesaro to a match at WrestleMania after that run-in. Rollins said that he will never be embarrassed or swung by Cesaro again. This was followed by Cesaro jumping him and immediately swinging him around the backstage area.