Andrade already in talks with another company

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Andrade already in talks with another company

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the now ex WWE Mexican talent, Andrade, seen for years in the NXT rings and then on the main roster, who seemed to be starting a real stellar career with the McMahons and instead in the last period had been literally left to fend for itself by the management of the Stamford company, who no longer had any kind of plans for him.

After seeing the stable with which he performed on Monday Night Raw until last year, the one formed by Andrade himself, Zelina Vega, Angel Garza and Austin Theory, gradually dissolve until it is completely dismembered, for Andrade there is no 'was no longer any on-screen plan that could bring him back to the ring.

This treatment led the wrestler to ask the management for release, which was initially very reluctant to grant it, but in the end had to give up, leaving Andrade fed up with his situation with the company.

The latest news on Andrade

Immediately after his exit with the WWE, the life partner of the daughter of the Nature Boy, Charlotte Flair, wanted to communicate to his fans that he will most likely return to play the role of his old character, staged in the Mexican rings before.

of the landing on those of the WWE, La Sombra. Most likely, as reported in the last few days, Andrade will bring the mask of La Sombra back to life once his path with the WWE is finished, which as we recall has not put the 90-day non-competition clause, which he usually uses in the contract of almost all of its employees working on-screen.

In the latest update arrived at the hands of the Mexican on his Twitter profile, Andrade confirms that something is boiling in the pot and that an agreement could soon be reached to see him immediately return to fight in some other important world federation, with the former NXT Champion who in fact wrote in two different languages.

As confirmed by Andrade himself, fans of the Mexican will not have to wait another 3 months to see him return to fight, given that as soon as he has signed a new contract with some other company other than WWE, the fighter will be able to return to fighting quietly.

Now, there's no denying he would be a draw in AEW. But that company is now facing its own issues with roster bloat, much like WWE. Clearly, Andrade is going to pick his spot and likely has many options available to him. AEW seems like a natural fit, roster size notwithstanding, but given his international experience and appeal, he can do just about anything.

WWE might not have recognized that, but by giving him his professional freedom, Andrade will eventually end up somewhere he is wanted.