Bianca Belair Shares Her Feelings About Sasha Banks

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Bianca Belair Shares Her Feelings About Sasha Banks

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks are popular WWE female wrestlers and Bianca recently spoke about Sasha Banks. Bianca and Sasha were originally going to challenge the current Women's Tag Team Champions at Fastlane. They lost that opportunity after some verbal altercations.

After tensions arose, Belair actually attacked Sasha a while back. Belair then spoke about Sasha on Talking Smack.

Bianca Belair Speaks About Sasha Banks Ahead of Fastlane Match

“I give Sasha credit, but I don’t give her too much credit,” Belair stated.

“If you know me from my NXT days, you know that I always walk around saying that I’m the strongest and I’m the toughest; that’s in me. “But at the end of the day, I understand that as much as it’s going to be a historic moment and it’s a great moment at WrestleMania, it is two alpha females going after the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

She has something that I want. She has something that she doesn’t want me to have. So, that is what’s at stake right now”. Sasha has repeatedly called Bianca a rookie. Belair responded to her comment and stated that she is sick of being called a Rookie.

“I feel like I always have to prove myself every single time I step out. Everybody treats me like I’m the underdog [by saying], ‘Oh, she’s improving. She is the future.’ But guess what? The future is now, and I proved that by winning the Women’s Royal Rumble match,” she stated sternly.

“And I think Sasha Banks knows that. That’s why she’s smacking me and coming in and getting me from behind and trying to stop me every second of the way. “I’m the new kid on the block, but I’m tired of proving myself.

I’ve already proved that. So, let’s get to WrestleMania. Let’s see what happens”. Paul Heyman, who works as a Panelist, then spoke to Belair and stated that she will always need to prove her worth even after she has won many titles.

“You’re never done proving yourself,” Heyman noted to Bianca Belair. “Now, if Sasha (Banks) wants to throw it in your face that you’re a rookie — a rookie that has pushed a seasoned champion like Sasha to the very limits — that’s on Sasha.

Congratulations to you for being that rookie. One of the most impressive rooking years in the history of sports entertainment.