WWE Fails to Trademark ‘Sin Cara’ due to Lack of Consent

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WWE Fails to Trademark ‘Sin Cara’ due to Lack of Consent

WWE tried to trademark the name Sin Cara for use in merchandise and for ownership but they failed due to lack of consent. Sin Cara was a character created by WWE and they really own it. It was played by Caristico and then by Hunico.

They filed for it in October. WWE received a notice on the 26th of March. According to Hell by Nature, WWE needs to determine whether or not Sin Cara is the name of a “living individual”. They need to determine the first name, pseudonym, stage name, or nickname, which WWE failed to identify.

The office also wants written permission from the people that played the character which may prove to be tricky for WWE; since the performers do not work for WWE anymore.

WWE fails to Trademark the name of character Sin Cara due to Lack of Consent

Sin Cara is a character and not an actual living person.

However the United States Patent and Trademark Office wants the person who used the name to give consent. The trademark filing could be rejected if WWE fails to get consent. WWE does have a trademark currently active but it will expire in 2023.

WWE has faced such issues before. WWE failed to get consent for Dominik Mysterio, Chelsea Green, Kay Lee Rae among many others. This resulted in the trademark filings failing or halted for some time. The WWE also tried to trademark “Dean Ambrose” a character which was played by Jon Moxley.

Dean Ambrose was a member of The Shield which was a popular WWE group. The group was a heel group but they turned face and became extremely popular in WWE. Jon Moxley now works for All Elite Wrestling who are competing with the WWE.

However, Jon did not provide consent to WWE and therefore they could not use Dean Ambrose for any of their products. Besides providing a wrestling product, WWE makes millions of dollars on merchandise sales and trademarking names such as Sin Cara is helpful towards that.

They also sell video games and many other digital products that can’t be sold unless the WWE gets the rights to the names of characters. In fact, many people believe that WWE would be losing lots of money if they did not have these other sources of income.

Due to these other sources of income, the WWE is the most popular wrestling promotion in the world and there is nobody that can actually beat them soon.