Brock Lesnar tipped to make surprise return as...

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Brock Lesnar tipped to make surprise return as...

Brock Lesnar is one of the greatest wrestlers of the 2000s and certainly, his dominance in the ring is etched in the minds of wrestling fans. Currently, The Beast Incarnate has been absent from the WWE rings for about a year and rumors about his possible return to the ring have been repeated almost weekly.

With the announcement of a public return to the stands at Wrestlemania 37, many were expecting the wrestler currently Free Agent to return to WWE, but apparently, things aren't supposed to be like that. WWE has already announced the two Main Events for the two evenings that will be held respectively on 10 and 11 April but it is also true that sensational surprises are not excluded.

Is Brock Lesnar returning to WWE?

Interviewed by Dan Aiming to the microphones of Boston Wrestling MWF, John Cena Sr., father of the former WWE Champion. Here are his words: "I think the winner of the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania 37 is Bobby Lashley, I bet on him.

I think it would be strange and wrong to put the belt back on Drew McIntyre and sincerely to shake things up and make the match Interesting I would put Brock Lesnar as a special referee. In general, however, do not let the title bounce back and forth, you have to give Bobby Lashley's reign a chance."

Brock Lesnar does not participate in a WWE match from the WWE Championship challenge to Wrestlemania 36 against Drew McIntyre, which was later lost. During a recent interview Paul Heyman, WWE Mad Genius and former manager of Brock Lesnar spoke about a possible return of The Beast Incarnate in the company.

Here are his words: "The only thing I want to say about Brock Lesnar is that Brock does everything he wants and wants. He may decide to return to WWE one day or maybe engage in other sports like NBA or Major League Baseball.

Brock Lesnar can do what he wants and no one can stop him." Brock Lesnar has been a Free Agent for months and last August WWE removed the merchandising regarding the mighty wrestler from its online store. Although they no longer work together on WWE programming, Paul Heyman regularly speaks about Brock Lesnar in interviews.

Lesnar’s former on-screen advocate recently teased in an interview with GIVEMESPORT that his client could decide to switch sports. He jokingly said the former NCAA and UFC Heavyweight Champion might be interested in becoming a basketball player or baseball player.