Daniel Bryan reacts to WWE star calling himself...

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Daniel Bryan reacts to WWE star calling himself...

One of the most important faces of WWE in recent years, as well as a great fundamental pawn of the Stamford company backstage, is undoubtedly Daniel Bryan, the former WWE world champion, who at Wrestlemania 30 culminated his dream, climbing on the roof of the world, going to win that WWE Championship that it seemed it could never get to.

In an underdog storyline that has seen WWE Universe fans become more passionate than ever for a character linked to the McMahon-owned company, Daniel Bryan has thus entered the Olympus of the wrestlers that matter, beginning to have a good following even in backstage decisions, with Bryan and Edge, who in the last period have also been quite important on the creative side of the company's blue shows.

Daniel Bryan says he wants to face the best

In his latest interview with TalkSport, the former WWE Champion who will compete with Roman Reigns and the Rated R Superstar, Edge, the Universal title at Wrestlemania 37, wanted to tell what his real "political weight is "inside the WWE backstage, denying some rumors that saw him as one of the most profitable and important decision makers: "It's interesting because, one, I don't have so many things to say.

Sometimes something really big happens in Smackdown and someone immediately says 'Oh, it was Daniel Bryan!', But no, it wasn't me! Part of it is thanks to our great performers - we have amazing Superstars. Cesaro is a fool.

When you say 'Daniel Bryan helped Cesaro', no. All I did was say, 'Hey this guy is really good. We should put it on TV and use it! ' Apollo Crews, I have nothing to do with what Apollo Crews are doing right now.

It is just great. But it's very rewarding to see people you know are talented receive opportunities and succeed. There is a certain joy in this. "According to reports from the leader of the Yes Movement, therefore, the success that the" new "Smackdown boys would be enjoying, would simply be their own thing, with the only help of Bryan that would be was to insist on making them fight and appear more on-screen, which fans of the WWE Universe have been asking for years, without being heard.

Daniel Bryan has praised Pete Dunne after the NXT star referred to himself as "the best technical wrestler in the world." In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT, the Planet's Champion commented on the words of the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, who previously referred to himself as "the best technical wrestler in the world" during a segment on NXT.

Rather than disputing the claim, Bryan said there was an argument to be made for Dunne's words and that he wanted to face the NXT star in the ring to truly find out if his point was valid.