Seth Rollins opens up about being a father and a husband

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Seth Rollins opens up about being a father and a husband

One of the biggest protagonists of the WWE rings who is currently missing from action is Becky Lynch. Since May 2020, Lynch has been on the sidelines because of pregnancy and then, following the birth of her child (with Seth Rollins), due to motherhood.

After giving the happy announcement live on Monday Night Raw, the night after Money in the Bank that ultimately secured Asuka not only the briefcase but also the title of champion that Becky had to vacate due to force majeure, Becky Lynch no longer appeared on WWE televisions, by any means.

In less than two months, it will in fact be a precise year that The Man is missing from his beloved rings, with fans of the WWE Universe who are no longer in the skin waiting for the return of Rollins' girlfriend to the rings that made her famous throughout the globe.

Seth Rollins will clash with Cesaro at WrestleMania 37

One of the questions that all fans would like to ask Becky Lynch or her future husband, Seth Rollins, is precisely that inherent in the return to the WWE rings of the beautiful Irishwoman, with fans who were already waiting for her at the Royal Rumble, but with her return that has not arrived, however.

To the microphones of his last interview for Dayton 24 Now, Seth's interlocutor tried, obviously receiving a different response from what he imagined, which however made the fans burst into natural laughter. After asking when Becky Lynch will return to the WWE rings, Seth Rollins replied to his interviewer: "Do you by any chance have a wife, sir? Would you ever betray your wife's trust for a TV interview? Come on, I would never do that, I would never do that, it is not a smart thing to do.

Then you have to go back to your wife at home. I could never do that. With all the respect in the world for her, I appreciate her professionalism and what she has achieved, but under no circumstances would I divulge Becky Lynch's secrets.

Let's go let's go. You have to be smarter than that." As you can clearly see from the words of Seth Rollins, it is really true that "The Man", in the Rollins-Lynch duo, seems to be the Irishman of the WWE.

It was confirmed on the most recent episode of SmackDown that Seth Rollins will be facing Cesaro at WrestleMania 37. The two superstars have been feuding ever since Rollins made his return from his two-month paternity leave.

Their feud will now reach its climax at the Show of Shows. Rollins has gone so far as to say that he will use Cesaro as a proxy to teach other superstars that they should never disrespect him.