Paul Heyman thinks Edge and Daniel Bryan could retire soon

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Paul Heyman thinks Edge and Daniel Bryan could retire soon
Paul Heyman thinks Edge and Daniel Bryan could retire soon (Provided by Wrestling World)

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE executive Adam Pearce announced in the final of the evening that at Wrestlemania 37 we will attend as the Main Event the Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship between the champion Roman Reigns and the challengers, Daniel Bryan and Edge.

This choice unleashed the fury of the Tribal Chief and especially of Edge who did not appreciate and hit the two opponents to the world title with a Spear and several sedates. The Rated-R Superstar thus wanted to launch a clear warning in view of the Show of the Immortals, a match to be held in two evenings and which will see the return of the public on 10 and 11 April.

In reality, Vince McMahon wanted to opt for this choice and not for the initial challenge between Edge and Roman Reigns due to the age of the former with a victory (which was considered plausible) of a wrestler with advancing age.

Paul Heyman has warned Daniel Bryan and Edge that Roman Reigns could make them both retire again after WrestleMania 37. During the last episode of Talking Smack, WWE's Mad Genius and Roman Reigns advisor Paul Heyman spoke about the situation regarding the blue show.

Paul Heyman on Adam Pearce’s WrestleMania decision

"Already once I think that Edge was forced to retire. Now they put him in an Angle with Roman Reigns and I don't see why the latter can't bring him back to retire. They also included Daniel Bryan in this challenge and the same can happen with him too.

I think Roman Reigns can be so ferocious that he can bring both his opponents to retire," Heyman said. During the show, Adam Pearce also participated and Paul Heyman said that Pearce's choice was the worst of his career. Roman Reigns will asphalt the opponents and if they think that Wrestlemania 37 represents their revival in the world of wrestling they are wrong.

Obviously during Talking Smack Heyman continued to speak (from the storyline) as an advisor to the WWE Tribal Chief. Daniel Bryan made Roman Reigns tap out during his loss to the Universal Champion at WWE Fastlane last week.

The incident was not seen by special enforcer Edge or a referee, meaning Bryan did not win the title. The latest episode of WWE SmackDown began with Bryan demanding another title match. After careful consideration, WWE official Adam Pearce made the Universal Championship match a Triple Threat between Reigns, Bryan, and Edge.

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