Candice Michelle recalls accidentally disrespecting Shawn Michaels

Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle was one of the mainstays of the women’s division during the mid 2000s

by Simone Brugnoli
Candice Michelle recalls accidentally disrespecting Shawn Michaels

Many times, WWE backstage newcomers are quite clumsy, with unwritten rules that colleagues have been following to the letter for years, in a moral and professional code that makes the Stamford federation's backstage a real barracks.

It is not new, in fact, that in some interviews of the old WWE wrestlers, hilarious and almost unbelievable stories come out, with "rookies" being kicked out of the locker room for breaking some rules that apply in the locker room or with some disrespect that is always punished in some way.

In the past, several great fighters, such as The Undertaker, have in fact taken under their wing some young promises, who had drawn on the wrath of some more experienced colleague, for not following some of these precautions.

Among the many "punished" for his slightly exuberant character, there was also The Miz, now twice WWE Champion, who had even been kicked out of the locker room, forced to change in another corner of the arenas, because his character was a little too frivolous.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle was one of the mainstays of the women’s division during the mid-2000s. Michelle recalled the time she accidentally disrespected Shawn Michaels while the former WWE Superstar was still new to the company.

Michelle was not aware of the locker room etiquette at that time.

Candice Michelle on Shawn Michaels

Apparently, not only for men there would be rules to be respected behind the scenes of the WWE, but also for women, with some behaviors and attitudes that must be absolutely avoided, in front of the older and more important Superstars.

In her latest interview released to the Voc Nation microphones, the former Monday Night Raw Superstar, Candice Michelle, also recently seen during some episodes of the red show, wanted to tell about her ugly quarter of an hour for not having interrupted a meal, WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, in the company's locker room: "There is so much to learn.

When you approach a wrestling school, you first learn to shake hands with everyone. To me, coming from Hollywood, interrupting Shawn Michaels while he ate his meal didn't seem respectful at all, but you always have to go through hard times to learn everything, in every aspect of the business.

When you're new and they don't tell you these things, you always feel like a bad person, many times." According to the former WWE champion, in that exact case, she should have stopped HBK's meal to say hello, failing to do so.

his type of respect, which was precisely that of making the WWE veteran eat in peace. Fortunately, in a short time, everyone learns "good manners" inside the backstage, ending up not disrespecting anyone, according to what is the backstage etiquette of the pro-wrestling world.

Candice Michelle Shawn Michaels