Bayley on Keeping in Touch with AJ Lee

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Bayley on Keeping in Touch with AJ Lee

Bayley is the first women’s WWE Grand Slam Champion and she recently spoke about AJ Lee helping her during the start of her career. AJ Lee is a former WWE wrestler. She was one of the top WWE wrestlers during her time and is one of the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time.

AJ Lee retired many years ago after her husband CM Punk quit the WWE as well.

Bayley Speaks About AJ Lee helping Her During Her Early Career

Bayley spoke about her rough WWE journey that started in 2012 on Oral Sessions.

During her early years, AJ Lee helped her. Bayley started in NXT and even won the NXT women’s title many years ago. “I think the training and the promos always got to me,” Bayley stated. “Coming home to an empty studio [apartment] and being so far away from home, I was homesick.

I didn’t feel comfortable. Like, I didn’t feel cosy, and I wasn’t eating right. I was really like this isn’t wrestling. “At that time, it was really hard. They were telling us to wrestle like a girl.

I just didn’t understand it. I’m like, why did you hire me for my wrestling if you’re not going to us wrestle like that. It was hard to balance it. I’ve put over AJ Lee so much, but she’s the one who was like, ‘Just stick to you.

Be you. As long as you stay true to who you are, you just have to be patient, kind of.’ That was maybe six months in, and I was just struggling up until then until she said it was ok for me to be myself”. Bayley revealed that AJ Lee has kept contact with her and they regularly text each other.

“We’ve stayed in touch since she’s been gone,” she mentioned. “I just texted her on her birthday the other day. I sent her a picture of a dog that I was petting. We love sharing pictures of our dogs with each other”.

Bayley then spoke about the recent rumors that suggest that she and Finn Balor are in a relationship. “Oh, my God!” Bayley replied before explaining her friendship with Balor. “Well, we had an awesome story… it wasn’t even a storyline.

We kind of made it up ourselves in NXT. He sprained his ankle, so he wasn’t having a match. Everybody thought it would be funny if I did his entrance cause my character was just so, whatever. And then they loved it so much it got so many views on YouTube, and then he did my entrance, and then they started teaming us up together on NXT shows.

I think people liked it because it was such different characters. He was The Demon, and teaming us up together was insane. “One time – I got in trouble with this in my past relationship – we took a picture with his parents, and people were like, ‘Oh, my God, are they really together?’ We’re obviously aren’t married.

He’s married to a beautiful woman, and he seems so happy. That was so much fun. We had so much fun with each other”.