John Cena Sr. reacts to Andrade's WWE release

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John Cena Sr. reacts to Andrade's WWE release
John Cena Sr. reacts to Andrade's WWE release

The main news of the past few days has been the separation between Andrade and the WWE. The Mexican's last television appearance dates back to October last year when he was forced to be attacked by The Fiend along with his former manager Zelina Vega.

Charlotte Flair's boyfriend had been one of the very few athletes who had not yet appeared in the ring in 2021, sharing somewhat the same fate as Aleister Black, also a former NXT champion. At the moment it is not known what Andrade's plans will be in the coming months, but it has been reported that he intends to use the name 'La Sombra' in the future, the same name he used in Mexico before being hired by WWE.

In a lengthy interview with Dan Mirade for 'Boston Wrestling MWF', John Cena Sr. questioned why the Stamford federation let go of such a young and talented superstar.

Andrade won two significant titles throughout his WWE career

“We can ask ourselves a lot of questions and try to answer them, but the truth is we don't know all the squares of the puzzle.

It was rumored that WWE had nothing left for Andrade, but there must be some additional reason. It can't be just that. We all think WWE should have continued the relationship with Andrade, but we don't really know what the background to this story is.

I bet there's a reason why WWE let a promising young talent like Andrade slip away. They can't have said to him: 'We have nothing left for you, bye' It is not imaginable ”- analyzed the father of the 16 times world champion.

John Cena Sr. also talked about the match between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 37: “If I think it should be the main event? My answer is no. The final match must be the one that generated the most intense reaction from the fans, I don't think this is the case.

Then if we are discussing it too much, the surprise effect would vanish." Despite their talent, experience and fan support, many WWE Superstars find themselves in a similar position as Andrade, with no creative direction, no matches on television, no storylines and no momentum.

Outside of Andrade, the likes of Aleister Black, Ricochet, Keith Lee, Drew Gulak, Bo Dallas, among others, have not had any significant pushes as of late (or are otherwise only seen chasing R-Truth around for the 24/7 Championship, not a particularly featured spot).

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