WWE had plans for a big surprise for Eric Bischoff in 2020

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WWE had plans for a big surprise for Eric Bischoff in 2020

In recent weeks, WWE has begun to organize Wrestlemania Week as every year, which this year will return to being almost "normal" as usual, after a terrible year for wrestling and for the whole world, which was 2020 of the pandemic.

After missing the most important events of Wrestlemania week, which usually precede the Showcase of the Immortals and then Wrestlemania Axxess, the Hall of Fame ceremony, the autograph sessions and the NXT TakeOver, WWE had to air a historic edition from the Performance Center, without any excited and screaming fans from the stands of the Orlando building and with the atmosphere that was certainly not the usual one for the show of the shows.

Fortunately, after exactly one year, WWE tries again, looking for a bit of that normality that was missing for 365 days, putting on sale the first tickets for a live show, which had not been seen for over a year, precisely for Wrestlemania 37.

Sean Waltman recently discussed Eric Bischoff's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame when he revealed a canceled plan from last year. Apparently, according to what Sean Waltman revealed in one of his latest interviews, the WWE's idea was to include in the Hall of Fame class of last year, along with the NWO, also the historic manager of WCW and WWE, Eric Bischoff, of which we saw the announcement only for the class of 2021.

WWE had plans for a big surprise for Eric Bischoff in 2020

To the microphones of Busted Open Radio, the former WWE athlete said: "I'm really glad they didn't put Eric like that. Speaking of that thing, we should have added it by surprise last year.

He should have come in with us. I'm glad that in the end, they didn't try anyway because a person has to be informed in advance, in time, not simply that he shows up there and is said 'Hey, anyway, come here, your ring is also.'

" Apparently, in the end, the WWE management seemed to have rethought their plans to surprise Eric Bischoff and would therefore have preferred to insert the historic General Manager of Monday Night Raw in the most classic way possible, announcing it weeks before, with a possible surprise that could have been a bit indigestible.

for him or for WWE Universe fans. Sean Waltman was a member of both the NWO and D-Generation X during the Monday Night Wars. During his appearance on Busted Open Radio, Waltman was asked which faction he preferred. Here's what Waltman said: "It’s a tough one.

I made way more money in D-Generation X. Both were great. I had felt like I was on top of the world a little bit more in DX."