Paul Heyman pushed for creation of current WWE team

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Paul Heyman pushed for creation of current WWE team
Paul Heyman pushed for creation of current WWE team (Provided by Wrestling World)

If for the first time since 2014 for the first time Roman Reigns is dominating in WWE not only in terms of titles won but also in terms of popularity, much of the merit is the turning point that the Big Dog (who in the meantime became Tribal Chief) has faced in recent months, with the turn heel and the new alliance with Paul Heyman.

The latter, however, is not the only big hit on the SmackDown roster to have benefited from the services of the former Mad Genius of ECW. The blue show boasts another winning team born from the mind of Paul E. These are the current SmackDown duo champions, namely Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

And while WWE has many tag teams on their roster, only two of them are the current champions on the Friday night show. And thanks to one of them it turns out that the Dirty Dawgs really have to thank Paul Heyman. 'Daily DDT' has in fact recently interviewed Robert Roode, and the Canadian revealed that Paul Heyman himself proposed to team up with Dolph Ziggler.

The two were eventually paired and are now SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Paul Heyman pushed for the creation of the current WWE team

"It was basically Paul Heyman's idea," Roode explained. "I wasn't doing much at the time and Dolph was always in and out of storylines, for no real reason.

Dolph was busy one month, and the next month you weren't seeing him on TV. We were both showing up for work. and we weren't doing much. So one day we drove to SmackDown and we met Paul, He stopped us and told us he had this idea and was going to propose it to the management.

And so it went." WWE has yet to confirm a SmackDown duo champion title match for the two nights of WrestleMania. Currently, according to reports from 'Ringside News', the idea that is the most popular is that of a clash with several tag teams involved.

One of which, almost certainly, will be the one composed by Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik. Paul Heyman has dropped a major WWE Hall of Fame tease on his Twitter handle regarding Rob Van Dam's possible induction this year.

Fightful Select recently reported that former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is set to be inducted into the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame. The official announcement is yet to come, but it seems to be around the corner. Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam are no strangers. The high-flyer was one of the biggest attractions at Heyman's ECW.

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