New details on Bo Dallas' involvement with The Fiend

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New details on Bo Dallas' involvement with The Fiend

In the last year, one of the protagonists of the WWE rings who has not even appeared in a curtain or in a match for a few minutes, literally disappearing into thin air at any moment, was the younger brother of The Fiend Bray Wyatt, that Bo Dallas who had been NXT absolute champion and then also couple champion on the main roster, who since 2019 is no longer seen in any way on the TV screens of the McMahon-owned company.

After winning his latest WWE title, the 24/7 Championship, at the end of 2019, Bo Dallas took a break from the Stamford-based company rings to clean up his personal life with WWE. who has never used it on his screens since then, no one knows exactly why.

Along with him, several other athletes would be held down, such as Aleister Black, Murphy or Adrade, with the latter ultimately seeking and being released from WWE, tired of the lack of ideas for his character.

Backstage news on Bo Dallas' WWE status

In the last few hours, different sites in the sector have begun to bring online the sensational rumor that would see Bo Dallas take on the role of The new Fiend in the "burned" version, who has returned to torment Randy Orton in the ring of Fastlane and who has then challenged to a match for Wrestlemania The Viper, which WWE immediately made official.

To sweep away any kind of indiscretion in this regard, however, the well-known site Ringside News immediately thought of it, which through internal WWE sources, which always remain anonymous, excluded any kind of inclusion of Bo Dallas in the storyline of his brother Bray, denying categorically the fact that under the guise of The Fiend there is Bo and not Wyatt.

At the moment, Bo Dallas remains stationary in the WWE backstage, despite being paid as an athlete who works in the company's rings, but there would be no plan for him to start immediately, so once again the rumors about him appear totally unfounded.

The latest news regarding Bo Dallas, reports that the wrestler has started his own business on a farm with partner Liv Morgan, in which they have opened a real estate agency, with the two who may thus have decided what they will do after their last.

struggles in the rings of the McMahon company, as even the girl is not finding much space on the WWE square in the last period. Bo Dallas is preparing for life after WWE. He told the WWE Universe that he was going on a life-changing expedition in December 2019, and we haven’t seen him since.

As Ringside News exclusively reported, Bo Dallas has been backstage in recent memory, but he hasn’t appeared. Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas are a couple and have a farm together. They are also starting their own family real estate business. Bo Dallas could make a return to WWE as long as he’s under contract, but he’s not the man in The Fiend suit.