Adam Pearce reveals if he wants to wrestle full-time

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Adam Pearce reveals if he wants to wrestle full-time

One of the most used characters in recent months on WWE TV screens is strangely a non-wrestler, that is Adam Pearce who appears practically in every episode of Friday Night Smackdown and also in several episodes of Monday Night Raw, where the WWE official always enters the highlight of the various emergency situations, in which a federation executive is needed to solve some very important question.

After the departure of the General Managers, with the McMahons who had replaced the fundamental figures of Raw and Smackdown with the power to the public, in a segment in which the entire McMahon family had gathered in the Raw ring to "give back to the public their decision-making power", apparently a physical figure in front of the WWE screens was needed, so Vince and associates preferred to use a professional figure with a lot of experience behind them like Adam Pearce.

In Pearce's past, of course, there was not only the figure of the manager and the executive, but also the real fighter, with Pearce having won many titles outside the company of Stamford, especially in the NWA.

Adam Pearce is a producer in WWE

In his latest interview with the PWI Podcast, Adam Pearce said: "I have zero interest in being a full-time wrestler again in my life.

Zero. Less than zero. Everything that happens and has happened at a specific point in my life and it was like putting a cherry on a cake, in a literal sense for me. I am having one of the best times of my life doing what I am doing now, mostly because I am not struggling.

It is really very rewarding to be at the top of the profession, talking to Roman or even just talking to Paul Heyman. On the Raw side, I had some interactions with Randy Orton not too long ago and that may come back soon. This is like cream on ice cream and I would never fight these guys one more time, drawing my sword.

I never even thought it could happen. So whichever way it turns out, it will be perfect, like the circle closing. It's wonderful." The PWI Podcast recently had Adam Pearce on the show where he addressed this question about his current on-screen role in WWE.

He said that there are no more GMs. He doesn’t have any absolute power as an authority figure and that might be for the best. “I think, first of all from a personal standpoint, it’s a departure from some of the characters you mentioned already.

I think largely the authority figure role in recent years especially, has been that of someone who looks down their nose. They are the establishment. They are the authority. They are the overarching control of everything that doesn’t hesitate to put their foot on the throat of everyone under them. I’m really the opposite of that in the sense that I am a WWF official. I am not a General Manager”.