Seth Rollins says he's the greatest...

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Seth Rollins says he's the greatest...
Seth Rollins says he's the greatest...

Seth Rollins is certainly one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history and is currently one of the top wrestlers within the company's main roster. During his wrestling career, in 16 years as a wrestler, the Messiah was part of the McMahon family federation for 12 years.

We have seen him as the protagonist in different roles and recently the wrestler has confessed in an interview with Good Day DC on Fox 5 where he has dealt with different topics. Recall that Rollins returned to the Royal Rumble after an absence of a few months due to the birth of his son, he had with Becky Lynch.

Here are his words: "I'm really good, yes it is. When you are good at your job you can be part of it and you can always do it at a high profile as I have done for most of my career. Obviously, there is also a good dose of luck that allowed me not to have injuries or anything like that.

But at the same time, I have worked hard every day, I have worked really importantly in the federation and now I am in a position where I can ask people and other wrestlers to 'embrace my vision'

Seth Rollins is the most accomplished WWE Superstars

Seth Rollins still has a lot to do in his career as a WWE superstar and as a wrestler and hopes to resume achieving new heights in professional wrestling soon.

During the interview, Seth Rollins also talked about his role as a husband and as a father, which he has experienced in recent months: "The husband part is simple as my partner is gorgeous, loving and very talented. As a father, I am working to improve and try to learn.

This is totally new to me, before these months I had never changed a diaper and in any case I had never done anything like that. I think the biggest thing is that you go from living like a high-level superstar in WWE to living like a normal person and basically it's a good experience trying to look at it from this perspective." Seth Rollins has been having a tough time getting SmackDown superstars to "Embrace the Vision." Rollins has tried time and time again but has failed at every turn.

However, one failure continues to haunt him. WWE Superstar Cesaro was the first person Seth Rollins tried to get to "Embrace the Vision." Unfortunately for The Messiah, Cesaro wanted no part of it. Of course, this left Seth Rollins embarrassed, forcing him to attack The Swiss Cyborg.

Since then, Cesaro has been relentless every time Rollins is close to him, almost always sending him for a ride with the Cesaro Swing. The former WWE Champion has been left peeved and has decided to attack Cesaro on Twitter.

Seth Rollins

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