The Rock and Batista react to being snubbed for...

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The Rock and Batista react to being snubbed for...

Prince William, heir to the throne of England, is the s*xiest man in the world if the count includes only people without hair. It looks like a survey coming from a pink rotogravure, yet this survey has found space in these hours in one of the most authoritative newspapers (coincidentally) in Great Britain: 'The Independent'

And the fact that such news found relief on a similar source, especially in a delicate period like the one the whole world is going through, could only capture the attention of two of the most famous peeled tomatoes in WWE history: Batista and The Rock.

The two WWE legends have reacted to the fact that Prince William has been named the most sensual bald man in the world, all the more so for the fact that the study in question presents itself as downright scientific, given that it brings up an algorithm and statistics.

taken from Google. According to the study, William had been described as "sensual" more than 17.6 million times on various blogs and online articles on the Internet. As the Duke of Cambridge finished in number 1, behind him were boxing legend Mike Tyson, Hollywood star Jason Statham, musician Pitbull and basketball icon Michael Jordan.

Only at this point in the ranking, in position 6, does The Rock appear, followed in the Top 10 by Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Floyd Mayweather and Vin Diesel. And so Batista does not appear in the top ten. The two former WWE Champions (and also World Heavyweight Champion, in Batista's case, while The Rock won the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, albeit in WWF) have both chosen to comment on everything with the weapon of irony.

The Rock and Batista still have working relationships with WWE

While The Rock laughed at it, claiming that comedian Larry David was also worthy of the honor, Batista dwelt on the definition of the term "sensual" and posted a clip in which you can hear: "Nah, not I think so "

So here are the juicy social interventions of the two, both on Twitter. And it must be said that both The Rock and Batista certainly have not forgotten how to pull a smile. The Rock and Batista haven't been seen in a WWE ring for quite some time.

But the two Hollywood superstars still have a working relationship with the company. Dwayne Johnson has been rumored to be in the running for a WrestleMania match against his cousin, Roman Reigns. Many fans have been calling for the match for several months now, and the two stars are expected to clash at WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood.