Rob Van Dam announced for the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class

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Rob Van Dam announced for the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class
Rob Van Dam announced for the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class

In recent weeks, many names have been chatted about as possible legendary athletes who would make up the 2021 class of the famous WWE Hall of Fame, with some of them turning out to be right and others still awaiting confirmation.

As every year, during the Road to Wrestlemania, the Stamford-based federation is used to announce little by little its legendary athletes who will compose the class of introduced in the Ark of the Glory of the company, in what is a real ceremony that it is usually held a few days before the show of the shows, complete with speeches and commemorative rings of the introduction.

After seeing the illustrious announcements of characters such as Molly Holly, Kane, Eric Bischoff and The Great Khali, the latest addition to the 2021 class of the McMahon Hall of Fame arrives, at least for now: Rob Van Dam.

The name of the former ECW Champion had long been assured in this year's Hall of Fame class, but the official introduction had not yet arrived. During the past few hours, the same athlete recently reviewed in the Impact Wrestling rings, wanted to confirm this, thanking and stating that he felt honored for this recognition.

Rob Van Dam and his connection with the fans

With a long article reported on the pages of FOX Sports, Rob Van Dam has in fact confirmed his introduction of him, announcing that he feels very excited, much more than he imagined.

Although the official has only just arrived, there were already some clues that reported as certain the choice of the WWE against Mr Monday Night, with the same manager of the late ECW, the historian Paul Heyman, who had given a very clear how much direct clue in recent days, on their Twitter page, with the following post.

Rob Van Dam has had an immense connection with the pro wrestling fanbase since early in his career. His signature "pointing at himself" taunt is one that has been imitated by many fans throughout the years. RVD discussed his relationship with the fans in his interview with Ryan Satin: "[Fans have] been calling me future Hall of Famer for years and I always just shrug and say, ‘All right, man.

As long as you think so.’ But, glad to be among the chosen few this year." For his longtime fans, especially those who witnessed him perform in ECW, this must be a very prideful moment. Rob Van Dam was never supposed to be on the main stage of WWE, but through his passion, as well as his strong relationship with the crowd, he went on to achieve great success.

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