Charly Caruso takes full-time job with...

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Charly Caruso takes full-time job with...

It was in the air, now it's official: Charly Caruso no longer works in WWE. Indeed, in a sense, Charly Caruso doesn't even exist anymore, given that the now-former Raw interviewer now has a full-time job at ESPN where she will return to using her first name, which is Charly Arnolt.

The announcement of her was herself in a long post on Instagram, in which she also wanted to thank all those who have supported her during her five years spent working at WWE. "This is how it began, this is how it continues", she reads her in the post of a very excited Charly.

She then explained: "I am really excited to announce that I have accepted a full-time position with ESPN! It is truly gratifying to take this step forward in my career, with a company that has greatly helped my growth and has offered a ton of colossal opportunities, ever since it first involved me in 2018.

(The first photo was my first real job for the company in September 2018, when I was doing SportsCenter updates! Ohhh !! done since!)."

Why does Charly Caruso have backstage heat in WWE?

Then the passage where the now ex Charly Caruso goes to talk about WWE: "As I take this monumental step forward in my career, I cannot do it without thanking the many people in WWE with whom I have spent the last almost five years.

Thank you. to those behind and in front of the cameras, and who gave me the opportunity to establish contact not only from a professional point of view, but also from a human one. Some of them are real treasures!" The final greeting, however, is dedicated to the fans: "And, of course, thanks to the WWE Universe, one of the most loyal fan networks in the world.

I hope I can continue to stay in touch with you, because your encouragement means everything to me! Finally, thank you very much to my family and friends who believed in me and my dreams every step of the way. It was a great journey!

I love you all, Charly Arnolt formerly known as Charly Caruso" Charly Caruso has consistently been late to conduct interviews on RAW, and she has received a lot of backstage heat for her unpunctuality in recent months.

WWE management decided to take Charly Caruso off TV, and the news of her tardiness also reached Vince McMahon's office. Another source revealed that Kevin Patrick, who recently joined WWE's broadcast team, was brought in as a direct replacement for the former host of RAW Talk. Charly Caruso joined WWE in 2016, and she slowly grew into her role and became a popular on-air talent in the company.