Aalyah Mysterio uncertain about her WWE status

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Aalyah Mysterio uncertain about her WWE status

WWE hired Rey Mysterio's daughter, Aalyah, and involved her with Seth Rollins' then disciple Murphy in a romantic storyline. The two "lovebirds" received a lot of attention towards the end of 2020, but the couple disappeared in December after news that the two had put together.

Yet it may not be over there. A couple of weeks ago, we caught up with Murphy's angry social media posts on our pages. The Australian even dropped bombs of genuine malice against Aalyah and the entire Mysterio family in a post on social media, which was later deleted.

This was then followed by a tweet to challenge Aleister Black to WrestleMania. But, in all this, what became of Aalyah Mysterio? 'Ringside News' tried to delve into Murphy's tweet story, discovering that the former 205 Live star is grappling with deep frustration for real.

On the other hand, the one who is living her current period mainly in the name of confusion is the poor Aalyah Mysterio, who also received many compliments for her scenic performance after being involved in a sudden and partly unexpected way on TV.

The latest update on Aalyah Mysterio

Steve Carrier of 'Ringside News' has in fact discovered from "a prominent member of the WWE creative team" that Aalyah Mysterio "has not yet figured out if she has finished her working interlude with WWE or if she will be used again in the future"

This obviously does not mean either that the girl will never work for the company again, nor that her career in the world of wrestling is already over. However, there is the possibility that her story arc in this specific phase of her father Rey and brother Dominik's career may have ended.

After all, the same site 'Ringside News' in October 2020 had discovered that Aalyah Mysterio has never signed a real contract with WWE. Throughout all of her appearances on SmackDown, in fact, she has been paid tokens.

It should not be forgotten, however, that WWE has many options on their table, and it has sometimes happened that she took back ideas abandoned after the WrestleMania dispute. The impression is that, at least for the moment, Aalyah Mysterio will continue to wait to see if she is still needed by the company.

A tenured member of the creative team confirmed to us that Aalyah Mysterio “still doesn’t know if she’s finished with WWE or if she will be used”. The book is not closed on her participation in WWE’s storylines, but they have obviously taken a step back from the idea.

WWE has a lot of options and they sometimes circle back to dropped ideas after WrestleMania. Aalyah Mysterio will continue waiting to see if she’s needed in the meantime.