"Stone Cold" Steve Austin confirms his absence on WrestleMania 37

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin confirms his absence on WrestleMania 37

There was a time when it wouldn't even have been possible to imagine an edition of WrestleMania without "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Times have obviously changed. Texas Rattlesnake himself has indeed confirmed that he will not be at WrestleMania 37.

In fact, WWE hasn't even contacted him to attend the event this year. WWE Hall of Famer and six-time world champion attended Monday's episode of 'The Wrestling Inc Daily' as part of Tide's #TurnToCold campaign - the occasion has been twenty-three years since Steve Austin won his first WWE champion title against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14.

'WrestlingINC' editor-in-chief Nick Hausman asked Austin if he'll be involved in WrestleMania 37. And the answer was much bitter than expected.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin confirms his absence on WrestleMania 37

"They haven't contacted me this year - revealed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin -.

I think they have their hands busy in everything they are building. I think it makes sense for me to just go back, maybe, to Texas or Los Angeles. Dallas. So we'll see what happens when they do WrestleMania there. But for the moment I'm fine sitting at home watching this edition."

Steve Austin also told his interviewers about how his days in California are definitely over. And that for this very reason an April trip to Tampa and Florida would have been quite complicated: "We tried to get out of Los Angeles and move here permanently to Nevada.

So we had a lot of things to do. I'll watch WrestleMania in peace. I'm fine with not being there this year." During the interview, Stone Cold then quickly moved on to illustrate the #TurnToCold campaign, which despite the hashtag is not a reference to his well-known nickname, but rather a cause designed for the good of the environment: "It's the campaign #TurnToCold to get people to wash their laundry in cold water.

Which, for your information, I've done my entire life," Austin said. “I converted easily, and I convinced my mother from day one. So it was a no-brainer when they proposed this thing to me. Extend the life of your clothes, reduce your energy bill and help the environment.

I think it's easy enough to say yes. I completely agree" In his appearance on Broken Skull Sessions, Randy Orton revealed he felt "Stone Cold" Steve Austin didn't like him in the past. Orton stated that Austin's criticism of his promos in the past made him angry, but said the Hall of Famer was right in his assessment.

"I've been around, but the promos, they were always mediocre. I was concentrating on the in-ring stuff, and I did that for years. I even remember that the reason I give you a bit of s*** and I say 'you weren't too fond of me,' is I know you've done interviews before where you s*** on my promos. At the time, I'm like 'f*** him.' But you were right."