*Spoiler* Matt Riddle botches lines during Raw segment

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*Spoiler* Matt Riddle botches lines during Raw segment

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that WWE wrestlers don't remember the lines they have to say in front of the federation cameras, just like it happens in a movie set, which is however helped with a hunchback or a prompter.

On the WWE rings and backstage, however, there is no one who suggests or holds the script that wrestlers must follow, so it often happens that wrestlers or professionals have to improvise, inventing something on the spot, maybe also substantially changing the script previously written by the creative team of the Stamford-based company.

Apparently, during the Monday Night Raw episode that aired in the night, the same thing would have happened to the US champion, Matt Riddle, who completely forgot what he was saying, leaving the live segment and leaving Asuka alone.

in front of the cameras, with a very embarrassed doubtful face. In a totally surreal situation, therefore, his Raw segment ended. A passage that is inevitably causing debate in America and throughout the world, wondering what could have gone wrong.

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The fact is that Riddle's appearance in that short sequence that aired live, like the rest of Monday Night Raw, left fans literally stunned. While Asuka was about to get into the ring, with her usual backstage walk, Riddle reached the red roster champion with her scooter, initially asking if even in Japan there were scooters and above all if they were equal or even bigger.

After saying this sentence, Riddle would have admitted that he had forgotten what he was saying and leaving Asuka totally dazed and embarrassed in front of the WWE cameras, she left the set set up backstage without adding anything else, in a segment that was anything but scheduled.

at least to see from Asuka's face. Matt Riddle won his first title as a main roster Superstar at WWE Elimination Chamber. But Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently revealed that Riddle was never meant to win the United States Championship.

The initial booking plan called for Keith Lee to the title by pinning Riddle at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Unfortunately, Lee suffered an injury that prevented him from participating in the match. The road to WrestleMania 37 could been quite different if Keith Lee had remained healthy.

Perhaps fans would have seen Lee defend the title against Riddle or another prominent star at the Show of Shows. Regardless, Riddle is now the United States Champion. Do you expect him to retain the gold at WrestleMania 37? Sound off in the comments below.