*Spoiler* The Hurt Business officially break up on Raw

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*Spoiler* The Hurt Business officially break up on Raw

During the opening segment of the recent episode of Monday Night Raw, there was an event that fans of the WWE Universe had been expecting for a while came to an end. As fans had been expecting, The Hurt Business came to loggerheads.

This was the team, that until a few weeks ago was "covered in gold", which now trudges on the rings of the red Monday night show, unable to ring the victories of the past, with Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley fighting now for weeks on how to pursue team strategies, which by now no longer pay off as before.

Already after the defeat with New Day, with the Raw Tag Team Champions titles up for grabs, the relationship between the members of the Hurt Business seemed to have irreparably cracked, with the latest events arriving tonight on Raw, which now seem to have marked in a manner the future of the stable is definitive, which can be said to be over from tonight.

What is next for The Hurt Business?

In the opening segment of the latest episode of the WWE flag show, the all-time champion of the red roster, Bobby Lashley, accompanied by all members of his team, appeared in the ring to talk about the coming weeks and what will happen in the rings.

of Wrestlemania, where he will have to face former WWE all-time champion, Drew McIntyre. After a fairly quiet start, all team members began to argue, with the discussion soon coming to blows and with the world champion attacking first Cedric Alexander and then Shelton Benjamin, despite attempts to get them to stop going unheard.

by MVP. After kicking both of his former team members out of the ring, Bobby Lashley confirmed that The Hurt Business no longer exists, with the WWE Champion going on his own to Wrestlemania, with only the help of MVP alongside him.

Thus ends the long road started several months ago by the team made up entirely of black athletes from Monday Night Raw that seemed to be able to reserve many things for the future and that instead, the management of the WWE preferred to end in the middle of the Road to Wrestlemania.

The Hurt Business may be done, but Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander are clearly not finished with Bobby Lashley. The implosion of The Hurt Business is far from over and the former RAW Tag Team Champions plan on hurting Lashley before his WrestleMania match. What do you think of The Hurt Business' unexpected break up? Share your thoughts with us down below.