WWE told Murphy to delete comment about...

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WWE told Murphy to delete comment about...

In recent weeks we had reported how Murphy had literally dumped the entire Mysterio's family, after spending a large number of weeks with his Mexican-born family, with the former 205 Live talent who after abandoning the teachings of Seth Rollins, his teacher since the days of Monday Night Raw, he was engaged to Alalyah Mysterio, daughter of the elf from San Diego and then he also made friends with the entire family of the former WWE Champion.

With a message that appeared for a few seconds on the well-known social network that became famous for photographs, Murphy had confirmed that his union with the entire Mysterio family had ended, with Aalyah who had joined him just to get some attention aside of the media and with the rest of the family who had never really put up with it.

Apparently, this side of the storyline was completely invented by the wrestler himself, with the WWE who, as soon as they became aware of the thing, immediately blocked the post, ordering the wrestler to delete the message, for not having had the approval of the company management.

Murphy currently doesn't have a concrete direction on the road to WrestleMania

Apparently, the news that we had already reported to you on Friday 12 March, was true, that is, the message posted by Murphy on his Instagram account was completely the result of the wrestler's inventiveness, who once wrote the implication of his storyline, was immediately blocked by the McMahons.

To reveal what happened next, the usual Dave Meltzer thought about it, through the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with the well-known journalist who in fact reported in his latest update: "Buddy Murphy had made a post on Instagram where he was trying to create his own angle with Mysterio.

However, he was ordered to cancel it, so he did it." Apparently, WWE is said to not have been at all happy with the stance of its Smackdown athlete, with Murphy himself being scolded several times, on the fact that before making such a decision, he must always consult the creative team or in any case a direct manager of the WWE, which obviously the boyfriend of Aalyah Mysterio (on-screen), did not.

Who knows that WWE hasn't stopped Murphy also for this lack of respect of the WWE hierarchies with this post, since he hasn't appeared on the TV screens of the blue show in weeks? WrestleMania 37 is almost on the horizon and it looks like Murphy won't be featured in a prominent role on the event card.

Murphy recently posted a tweet directed towards Aleister Black and issued a WrestleMania challenge to him. Would you like to see a singles match between Murphy and Aleister Black at WrestleMania 37? What was your reaction to Murphy's Instagram comment berating the Mysterio family?