Backstage details on Riddle's huge botch

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Backstage details on Riddle's huge botch

One of the most talked-about news after the Monday Night Raw live broadcast of the night, was the segment that featured the US WWE champion, Riddle and the Monday Night Raw champion, Asuka, who are were filmed backstage of the federation, talking to each other about Riddle's scooter.

After a few sentences, however, Riddle would have forgotten what he had to say, walking away from the backstage and leaving Asuka absolutely doubtful and unsure what to do, in a situation that seemed anything but planned.

Many times, in fact, WWE athletes forget their script and try to put a piece on it, inventing something on the spot or directly changing direction, choosing another ending for their segment.

What happened between Sheamus and Riddle on WWE RAW?

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the journalists of the well-known overseas site Ringside News, who went directly to ask some WWE internal sources what had happened in the backstage of the federation between Asuka and Riddle, the segment that had seen the protagonist the American champion really had to air like that.

Although the attitude of the two wrestlers seemed completely natural to everyone, according to reports from the journalists of the well-known site, the script of that angle was the one we saw on the air live, with Riddle who had to really pretend to forget his jokes, in the midst of his ironic and embarrassing style.

As it was revealed to the Ringside reporters, in case Riddle really got his segment so blatantly wrong, Vince McMahon would have gone on a rampage and probably also ousted him as one of the attendees on Raw Talk, which he didn't.

it happened. Although the doubt still remains strong, it seems, the new character of Riddle would be capable of anything, including saying that he forgot his lines on-screen, effectively breaking the fourth wall, as in the best films.

Riddle was backstage before his match with Sheamus when the latter blindsided him and laid him out in the back. Their match followed, and both superstars threw everything they had at each other. Sheamus won the match after hitting Riddle with a knee strike to the head.

As Sheamus celebrated his victory, Riddle came from behind and tossed The Celtic Warrior out of the ring. Riddle also promised that he would have his revenge soon. Riddle will now defend the United States Championship against Sheamus at WrestleMania 37.

If Matt Riddle really flubbed his lines and walked off-screen, then Vince McMahon would have been livid. Odds are he wouldn’t have been on Raw Talk directly after the show. Not only did WWE plug Riddle’s Raw Talk appearance after his backstage segment, but he also appeared on the weekly post-Raw talk show.