AJ Styles wanted to do a live podcast on Twitch but...

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AJ Styles wanted to do a live podcast on Twitch but...

In recent months, WWE had started a real internal war against its most famous employees who had started some external collaborations with very important channels, to carry out projects that had nothing to do with WWE, with several important athletes.

of the company, such as Big E, AJ Styles or Zelina Vega, who had become steadfast supporters of Twitch and many other new social networks, which in addition to WWE had become real means to make easy money. After several recalls, the WWE through its Chairman, Vince McMahon, has decided to put a block on all this, effectively prohibiting any collaboration not explicitly permitted by the federation with all third parties not belonging to the WWE and therefore effectively prohibiting any kind of appearance of his wrestlers on other screens.

If the WWE athletes had not obeyed this order, they would have been fired, which in the end happened with Zelina Vega, who continued undeterred to take part in appointments, podcasts and live on the most disparate channels of social media, leading Vince McMahon to take the much talked about the decision to fire her.

AJ Styles wanted to do a live podcast on Twitch

In his latest interview with A Couple In with Cody Jinks, the former WWE Champion wanted to go back to talking about the WWE ban on third-party collaboration, with the very successful athlete from the Stamford company having revealed that his podcast was ready for launch, but Vince's ban literally forced him to cancel.

To the microphones of his interview, AJ Styles, in fact, told: "Vince told us we couldn't do it anymore, which is also acceptable. We were taking his product and making money outside of the company when he already pays us to do our work.

I understood that and I understood where he wanted to go. I too had taken part in some projects. I am a gamer, but on Twitch, I had to stop early, even though I was hoping to open other new businesses. I was starting to put some new games on Mixer, which would then be sold and then I went to Twitch.

I was truly fascinated by that community. It was great. The problem was that I had little time to play, about two hours, so I couldn't carry that as a live show. Instead, I was thinking of literally doing a live podcast. That was the direction I hoped to take."

If you watched AJ Styles on Mixer or Twitch, you know how entertaining his streams were. His funny personality has also been showcased on WWE television in recent months. A live podcast on Twitch from The Phenomenal One would have been a must-watch/listen to the event every week.

One would hope that Styles might eventually search for another platform to start a podcast on. But for now, we all must imagine what might have been. It's a real shame.