Aleister Black posts cryptic photo ahead of WrestleMania 37

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Aleister Black posts cryptic photo ahead of WrestleMania 37

What happened to Aleister Black? And above all, what are the prospects of seeing him again in action in WWE? Until a few weeks ago the only possible answer to this question would have been "Very few" (or even "None").

Yet something seems to have changed in the last few days. And to fuel this doubt, the person concerned thought about it, publishing a new post on the web after a very long silence on social networks. In his very first post on social networks since January, Aleister Black has in fact published an image of him and shared a cryptic message via Instagram during the day on Sunday.

Black wrote: “We will soon find ourselves sitting face to face. I will have many stories to tell, all in color." Aleister Black posted a cryptic photo on his official Twitter handle in response to fellow WWE Superstar Murphy's WrestleMania 37 challenge.

What's cooking up in Aleister Black's mind?

It is difficult to understand at present what is referring to, but the impression of some insiders (such as the site 'WrestlingINC') is that this message does not foreshadow an imminent farewell to the Dutch company from Stamford, but rather a relaunch in view of a return to the ring and a new storyline in WWE.

A hypothesis that now seemed almost impossible, also taking into account the dismissal that involved Zelina Vega, his wife in real life. As previously reported by our site, in fact, Aleister Black may have resumed training in view of his return to the WWE ring, after taking some time to deal with slight injuries. recently reported that Black has been spotted at WWE Performance Center in the past few weeks. The athlete had also been missing from the WWE Performance Center for a few months, with the absence of him being total, both on-screen and off-screen.

In one of the latest updates reported by the famous overseas site, we read in fact, that: "Yes, he was spotted at the WWE Performance Center in recent weeks but at the moment, as we are writing to you, he is not back on TV yet."

The former NXT Champion has no longer appeared on WWE TV broadcasts since he lost to Kevin Owens on the October 12 episode of Monday Night Raw. He was then moved to SmackDown over the course of the 2020 Draft but has yet to appear on the blue show.

A circumstance that seemed to no longer occur, but which is now a bit surprising among the possibilities in view of the coming weeks. Murphy is currently doing nothing of note on WWE SmackDown and doesn't have any concrete direction for The Show of Shows.

Aleister Black defeated current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 36 but things have taken a turn for the worse in a span of 12 months. Would you like to see Aleister Black take on Murphy at WrestleMania in a singles capacity? What could be the meaning of Black's cryptic photo that he posted on Twitter in response to Murphy's challenge?