MVP Comments on The People That Attack Him On Social Media

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MVP Comments on The People That Attack Him On Social Media
MVP Comments on The People That Attack Him On Social Media

MVP was a quite well-known WWE heel wrestler. He could never make it to the top of the WWE but he had some entertaining feuds with popular WWE stars. His most memorable feud was with the great Matt Hardy. MVP started his career in WWE a long time ago.

He made his WWE return at last year’s Royal Rumble. However, he quickly got eliminated by Brock Lesnar during the match. MVP’s is a former criminal. He has spent time in prison due to some of the things that he has done.

He recently tweeted this on social media:

MVP On People Trash Talking Him on Social Media Due to His Criminal Past

“I’m amused by people who come at me on social media from the anonymity of a keyboard. My favorite is when they attack me about my criminal past and prison time.

It really doesn’t hurt my feelings because I’ve overcome all of that. And now I’m an example and inspiration to others”. MVP got out of his criminal lifestyle after he became a full-time professional wrestler.

In fact, MVP probably earned a huge amount of money by performing for WWE and TNA back in the day. He believes that many people resent him for that. He stated that many people probably do not like the fact that he is a convicted felon and was still able to accomplish all that he did over the years.

He wrote, “I think there are a number of people out there that resent very deeply that a convicted felon who came from poverty is a globally known professional wrestler that has accomplished more than they have despite my baggage.

Say more about them than me”. When MVP was a teenager, he took part in a cruise ship robbery. He had to serve nine and half years in prison due to it. He was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. The corrections officer that was with him was an independent wrestler.

He gave him the advice of becoming a professional wrestler once he gets out of jail. MVP has in the past spoken openly about his criminal past. He was part of a TEDx event in 2019 which was titled, “When do I stop being a criminal?”.

MVP has not been very active ever since he made his return. He has appeared several times on WWE TV, but he doesn’t seem to want to wrestle full-time any longer.


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