Vince Russo calls out WWE for the decision on Shane McMahon

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Vince Russo calls out WWE for the decision on Shane McMahon

In recent weeks, WWE has launched this unexpected storyline that pits the son of WWE Chairman Shane McMahon and wrestler Braun Strowman against each other. Several times in recent editions of Monday Night Raw the wrestler has been ridiculed by Shane who didn't make physical contact but 'made fun' of The Monster Among Us, an attitude that was not liked by part of the WWE Universe and the ex-member of the Raw creative team Vince Russo.

In the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, a Steel Cage Match was stipulated between the two characters, but Russo has harshly criticized this choice. If on the one hand, according to him, it is necessary to remind Shane McMahon that he is now over 50 years old and therefore risks getting seriously injured, on the other Russo said that it will be really difficult to regrow the character of Braun Strowman and maybe bring it back to the standards of the past, or rather from a title perspective.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo believes the company should use high-profile names to rebuild Braun Strowman after WrestleMania 37.

Vince Russo calls out WWE for the decision on Shane McMahon

Speaking in the latest edition of Writing with Vince Russo, the former Raw creative team member talked about how this storyline could be enhanced so as not to destroy Braun Strowman's character.

At Sportkeeda Wrestling, Vince Russo said that in his opinion Vince McMahon should also be involved, feigning a heartache to try to figure out if Shane McMahon and Triple H are capable of directing WWE. On the other hand, to lend a hand to Braun Strowman, there could be a legend like Stone Cold Steve Austin, a wrestler who represents most of all the one who defied authority in the WWE.

Here are his words about it: "You could do a lot of things in this storyline. You could create a team between Strowman and Stone Cold Steve Austin against Shane McMahon and Triple H, in order to elevate the character of Braun Strowman.

At some point maybe even after WrestleMania 37 Braun could challenge and beat Triple H, thus becoming a serious candidate for the run-up to the WWE Championship." Vince Russo also gave an in-depth explanation behind Vince McMahon’s role in the story.

Russo added that Vince McMahon’s return could lead to questions about Shane McMahon and Triple H’s inability to run WWE without him.