Mick Foley on who he wants to see win the WWE Universal Championship

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Mick Foley on who he wants to see win the WWE Universal Championship

As we all know, Mick Foley is a WWE Legend and plays a very important role in shaping the careers of younger wrestlers, who can count on his help and advice in the backstage and also wanted to give his personal opinion on what one will be of the two WrestleMania Main Events: the three-way match between Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Edge for the Universal title currently held by the Tribal Chief himself.

The man with the three personalities wants to see Edge as the next champion of the blue brand of the federation, an athlete that he esteems so much and with whom he has shared a lot even in the ring, especially when it comes to the moments spent in that of WrestleMania 22 with their very famous Hardcore Match.

Mick Foley on who he wants to see win the WWE Universal Championship

Speaking to the microphones of WWE The Bump, Mick Foley, therefore, expressed the wide degree of satisfaction that he would have in seeing Edge with the belt around his waist at the end of the next edition of the Granddaddy of Them All.

Here is an excerpt of his words: "I sincerely hope that Edge wins. He deserves it because he fought and sweated so much for this moment, he also did very well against Randy Orton, with whom he had a great match, which lasted for 48 minutes among other things.

It also had repercussions on a physical level, but for his commitment and for his training I really hope he is the protagonist in this meeting. I still remember the moment Daniel Bryan had in New Orleans, it was something exceptional and I can only hope to see the same scenes with Edge this year too."

And would you like to see the Rated-R-Superstar victorious in the next edition of WrestleMania? Or do you prefer one between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan? Let us know with a comment, but what is certain is that these three together can create something truly extraordinary and that can potentially remain in the minds of us fans for a very long time.

Edge had to retire in 2011 because of a severe neck injury. He had to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship that he was holding at the time as a result. Now that he has returned to WWE, Edge has earned his way back to the top after winning the Royal Rumble.

He now looks to reclaim a version of the world title, something that he never lost. The Ultimate Opportunist has shown that he will do anything to win the Universal Championship.