Batista rips into the company for breaking up The Hurt Business

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Batista rips into the company for breaking up The Hurt Business

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to air a very particular segment, with which the members of The Hurt Business have definitively separated their paths, with Bobby Lashley attacking both Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, with the only MVP remaining alongside the WWE champion ahead of Wrestlemania 37.

Apparently, although it seemed that one of the golden moments for the Monday Night Raw stable had arrived, WWE instead preferred to make everything fall apart, with the closure of the Hurt Business that airs only a few days after that of the Retribution, where this time the team leader, Mustafa Ali, attacked them in the center of the Fastlane ring, by Mace and T-Bar, with a sonorous double Chokeslam.

WWE broke up The Hurt Business Monday night on RAW, and Batista isn't happy about it. Apparently, after learning of the breakup of Monday Night Raw's team of black athletes, not only many fans would have been baffled by it, but also several insiders, who would have expressed all their disapproval for the choice of the creative team of the Stamford-based Federation.

Batista isn't happy with WWE

Among these, the former WWE Champion, Batista, would also be included, who was to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the company this year, but who due to previous commitments, instead had to postpone his introduction, which with a message posted on Twitter just a few hours ago, he expressed all his displeasure about the dissolution of The Hurt Business, saying: "Let's try it one more time!

WHO in his mind would melt Hurt Business already? Answer: NONE !!! #BadForBusiness." Apparently, Monday Night Raw's team of four athletes, who over time had managed to convince a very large portion of the WWE Universe audience, would now be breaking up in a hurry, with plans for the four athletes who at the moment would not yet be clear, if not for Lashley's imminent future, which is to go to battle with Drew McIntyre in a match valid for the WWE Championship in Wrestlemania.

We will see if this new alliance feared in the latest episode of Raw with King Corbin will lead to anything or if in the coming weeks we will see other news on the red show's rings. If Bobby Lashley goes into WrestleMania and drops the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre, what's next for him? Will he remain in the main event or get pushed back down the card without The Hurt Business to play off of? MVP continues to state on Twitter that The Hurt Business still exists. But unless they choose to add new members over the next several weeks and rebuild the group, it's pretty much dead.